Monday, March 30, 2015

This past week has been absolutely awesome!!  We saw some super cool miracles and had some great experiences teaching this past week!! The Lord is definitely always preparing people for us to meet! This past Thursday after weekly planning we went out finding. We were planning on turning left at a certain intersection but felt that we should turn right. There usually isn't anyone to the right but we trusted the feeling. Apart from seeing a long green snake with red around it's head, not much happened on that street. However, we then continued around the street and ran into a man named Nick. Nick is late 20's and working in insurance. He doesn't have a lot of christian background but he has gone to church a couple times in the past. He said he had actually recently wanted to start praying because he believes that God will help him find more happiness. We found a place to sit down and talked with him, got to know his desires and hopes. It was a great experience! He was super sincere and genuine in his search for answers. After sharing about the Book of Mormon and an invitation to start reading and praying, we scheduled him for 2 days later and left.  On Saturday he showed up with the Book of Mormon in hand ready to learn! He was asking some great questions and had actually already read all contents previous to 1 Nephi 1. He had also done some research at home and he knew that the church was organized in New York and due to persecution, the early members moved. He is so prepared. We shared with him the first lesson, and focused on the Godhead a lot as well. Near the end of the lesson he got a call. He excused himself and talked to them for a minute. When the call was over he said, "that was my older brother and his wife, they're walking around in the area and i just invited them to come over and talk with you!" Absolutely amazing!! That's what the gospel will do to people! Once partaking of the "fruit" the natural consequence is a desire to share it with your family! Everything lined up perfectly. The family arrived just 5 minutes before we were supposed to teach a recent convert with another member, one of the ABL's.  The Lord not only brought a family, he brought members to teach as well! We went and met the Recent Convert and Member and told them the situation and they were more than happy to come teach this new family with us! This family doesn't have any religious background so we focused on the Godhead, prayer, and families. The feelings there were incredible. They were so sincere! Could it get any better? Due to the fact that we had just finished teaching Nick the 1st lesson prior to the families arrival, we invited Nick to help us teach some of the doctrines and share some of his personal feelings! As he explained what he felt about prayer, and the Godhead to his older brother and his wife, there was definitely a special spirit there. 

Exchanges with Zone Leaders was also super special and strengthened my testimony of the Plan of Salvation even more! Having served in Sha Tin before Tuen Mun I was super excited to return and hopefully contact some of previous investigators I had taught when i was there! I felt prompted to call an investigator I had taught who prior to me leaving the area had dropped us. When I called she was more than happy to schedule for the next day. We had originally planned to share Moroni chapter 7 with her but while we were talking it felt right to go back to the restoration. We shared with her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said that recently she has been going through some hard things and has been very confused. Her relationship with God isn't as strong as it was previously. She said that when we called and scheduled her she was very excited to come back. She said there was always a special feeling at our church, she described it as a peaceful feeling. At the end of the lesson when we invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray she was more than willing! She was also more than willing to start meeting with the missionaries again!! Such a huge miracle!! The Lord definitely knows each one of us, His children. His plan is perfect!!

Til next week!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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