Sunday, July 27, 2014

This past week we had some more ward activities, namely EFY and a bread-making night. Through these activities I have come to love our ward so much more! I just love Sha Tin. Our members are awesome and they brought a lot of friends to the activities. Most of them live in Tai Wai or other areas but it is awesome that they are so willing to bring some friends. We are continuing to do the member visits and goals which are really good! It gives everyone a specific name to prepare for instead of just the overall idea of needing to do missionary work.  I think that when people have just a specific name it looks a lot more possible and less overwhelming than the thought of I need to do missionary work cause then they have a goal in mind. 

Winnie is continuing to be awesome! She has the desire to read the whole Book of Mormon and she thought she had to read the whole thing to know if it was true and we explained that as long as she is diligent in reading she can know before reading the whole thing. I love seeing the strong desire in people to know if the gospel is true. 

We visited Angus this week (less-active) He is doing well but his leg is broken so he can't come to church until it heals but he said that once it heals he then can come so we are excited for him and are continuing to help him prepare to come back and also participate in missionary work through inviting friends to meet with us.

Cheung jimuih (less-active) also is doing really well. She came to church 3 times in a row and came even when her husband was home. She normally doesn't come to church because she wants to accompany her husband but I guess that day she decided she needed to go. She really does have a good heart and so we are hoping to be able to help her continue to have that desire to come to church no matter her circumstances and help her husband as well.

Exchanges were very good as well! Me and Elder Carrasquillo were on exchanges Thursday night to Friday night. I think it was a very good opportunity to learn and practice teaching together. We planned for EFY and also a part family member visit and were also able to get in contact with someone that hadn't been in contact with the missionaries for a while. 

We visited two families this week and set goals with them and shared about the work of salvation. We visited the Lam family and Bishop Tse's family. Both are very strong families and now with goals, missionaries help, and God's help, they will also be able to experience miracles.

I've been studying Jesus the Christ a lot recently. The more I read that book the stronger my conviction of Jesus Christ grows. That book is amazing! I've never been able to understand so much about Christ's ministry. The book explains Christ's parables and situations so clearly. The more in depth I learn about Christ's life, the stronger desire I have to be better. It is truly amazing to read about Peter and the other apostles as well.

One thing I learned about this week is about patience. Patience is an attribute that needs to be continually worked on. If not, you'll slowly lose it or won't have as much patience as you need. Also when I remember how patient God is with me, it helps me be more patient with others. I'm not even close to perfect and God puts up with me and my weaknesses.  Why should I get frustrated or annoyed at some else's?  It reminds me of the Mormon message about the man with the owl, it's a good one.  I'm grateful to be able to have the opportunity to continue to grow through challenges, setbacks, and obstacles. And I’ve learned that smiling all the way through and trusting in God makes it that much better of an experience!

 Til next week!
 Love, Elder Cederlof

Sunday, July 20, 2014


We had EEFY this week. It was a good opportunity for the Youth in our ward to invite more friends to come. However, our ward and the Tai Wai ward decided to split the EEFY and do two separate ones. I definitely would encourage next year combining them in order to be more efficient and have more people there which would make it even more fun for the youth and more effective for the missionaries. 
At District Meeting we had a good sharing. The biggest thing I got from it was the importance of looking for things in our everyday life as "parables" like Christ did. I think that through those (object lessons/analogies) we can take something maybe a little bit complicated and make it so that everyone could not not understand.

We also visited some Ward families this week to share about the cards and help them set goals. Among one family we visited was Liuh Gatihng. They are awesome! As we were about to leave the house I had the prompting to take one of my English Book of Mormons. At first I thought it was a rather peculiar thought because the family we were visiting only spoke Chinese. Nevertheless I brought the Book of Mormon. When we arrived we found out that their two nieces from Australia were visiting. As we shared about the cards and how we could help others come to the gospel I realized why we brought the English Book of Mormon. The two nieces (already members) couldn't really use the Chinese cards because they couldn't read them, but they could definitely give the Book of Mormon to someone! We invited them to do that and told them about the spiritual experience I had had before coming over. The spirit works in marvelous ways and when we trust it, we know everything will be okay. Literally everything. God knows His plan from the beginning.

Another miracle. On the street that day we stopped a lady and shared about the Book of Mormon. After sharing she showed a great amount of interest and so we rescheduled her later that week. While at the church we saw three people walking towards the church. I was a bit confused at first but I then recognized the lady we had bumped into. She called us to tell that she was here and had brought two friends with her! We gave them a tour of the church and shared the message of the restoration. The gospel is truly amazing! It leads all those who partake of it to want to share it, even if they've just heard a little bit about the church.

Exchanges was a good experience for me. Elder Brown and I were together that day. I loved having the opportunity to be with a more experienced missionary and to learn from him. I learned several things that day. It really helped show me how important being unified is. As well as how much more power that brings. We also had the opportunity to talk about things and different methods and such.
This week has been another great opportunity to learn from experiences and challenges. Every week my testimony of the Plan of Salvation grows so much because I not only see how that knowledge affects investigators, who have maybe never heard of such a thing. But how much it affects me, even though I’ve been learning about it for a very long time. I'm grateful to serve here in Sha Tin and I know that where I am right now is exactly where I am supposed to be.

‘Til Next Week,
 Elder Cederlof


Monday, July 14, 2014

This past week we definitely had some great blessings. We had some great lessons with ward members helping them set goals on how, when, and who they will share the gospel with. I love visiting the members! Their faith definitely strengthens my own and it helps us feel more like a family. Our ward is doing the "40 day fast" along with the praying cards so we are helping all of us work together in achieving that goal and strengthening our ward. I really believe it is helping our ward unity and helping all of us think even more about missionary work.

Tom is doing good, however, he won't commit to coming to church yet. He is still a little bit nervous about coming to our church because his parents go to another church. Since meeting with us he has already experienced some blessings such as getting more job interviews and offers. The Lord has so much in store for him. We just need to help him see that and be willing to push for it.

We met with Winnie this week! She is awesome! She is soo prepared. She doesn't have any religious background but she really wants to know if all of the things we talk about are true. She has been praying and reading. She said she doesn't understand all of it but she will keep on reading and call us if she has questions. It is awesome that her friend (Allie-church member) invited her to meet with us and get to know the gospel. It really shows how important member missionary work is. When Winnie has questions or concerns she can also ask Allie to explain it and she already has friends in the church to help her make that transition.

The 65th Anniversary was definitely a group time to spend with members all over Hong Kong, including members from previous served in wards. Where I was sitting I couldn't see the screen but we could hear it. The messages shared were simple, but had powerful truths. I especially enjoyed the testimonies in the beginning.

This week in Personal Study I have been learning a lot about Jesus Christ's ministry and doctrine. The more I read about his ministry the more my testimony grows. People can try to attack the Gospel of Jesus Christ from any direction, but it doesn't weaken it one bit. The gospel will help anyone that is willing to partake of it. I've also been thinking a lot about patience recently. How can one develop 'true' patience? Is true patience just holding in all of the frustration? Of course not. True Patience is looking at things from God's perspective. No matter our challenges or our weaknesses, God will help us overcome them all. Spiritual growth through challenges is something that we should seek, not shun or shy away from. That is what is so great about the gospel. Without the gospel, one definitely would not, possibly could not enjoy or at least understand the purpose in challenges. However, one with the understanding the gospel brings, isn't overcome by their challenges.  That leads into another interesting thing I've been thinking about this week. What kind of a perspective on life does the Gospel bring? If we are true and worthy it definitely brings about a change in not only the way we look at things, but who we are. Having the opportunity to everyday meet with people and discuss topics such as these has definitely opened my eyes. A lot of people think that as long as you do good, it doesn't matter what you believe in. On the surface this may seem like a fairly good thing. However, the scriptures teach that if we give a gift unwillingly, it is the same as if we would have withheld it. Our reason for doing the good deed is everything. That is why our gospel is centered around Christ. If Christ is our focus, then we, through the restored gospel, have the perfect reason behind our deeds.

Elder Zach Cederlof

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Come and See"

Last Tuesday we had a ward youth activity in which the ward leaders had each of the girls try to invite at least one friend. The youth in our ward were awesome!! They brought in total, 9 non-member friends. Not all of them have interest in the gospel, yet. But as they slowly continue to be around members they will want what they are missing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, some of them do have interest in the gospel and we will be meeting with them this week. Among one of them is Winnie, Allie's friend. On Sunday, Allie bore her testimony about that activity and what happened after the activity! Definitely a miracle. After the activity (later that week) Winnie asked Allie how to be baptized, and asked about what we believe and stuff. She then even said that she wants to be a missionary and asked how old do you have to be to be a missionary! Allie (member) in her testimony said that she never would have thought an about to be investigator would already have hopes of serving a mission. That opportunity is such a confirmation to my testimony that the Lord truly has prepared our friends to hear the gospel. Some people truly are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it. There were also other youth that had great missionary opportunities as well, but I just wanted to share that one.

Temple day. I love going to the temple every transfer! It truly is a blessing. My brother and cousins that are also serving missions say that they rarely, if at all, get to go to the temple. So I truly am thankful. The new video is a very good one! I really like the more emotion. It helps me more understand the choices and how "deep" and important those choices were. I'm very grateful to have the understanding that The Fall was actually part of God's Plan, not a fault in God's Plan. God's Plan is perfect, that part just helps confirm the truth to me even more.

Zone Training provided some interesting insights and ideas that have lead to more pondering moments. One thing I felt that was very important that they pointed out was the fact that if we accomplish our goal, but don't change, it meant nothing. 65 in July is meant to give us something to push ourselves, consecrate ourselves, and lose ourselves in. I feel like because of this goal everyone's efforts have gotten even stronger. Along with the 65 in July, our ward has been doing a 40 day fast along with Cheng WuihJeung's card idea. Not only has that strengthened our relationship with the ward, improved ward unity, but has brought our ward closer to Christ and will continue to do so. Only through consistently focusing on our purpose (including understanding of) can we, our ward, and God truly be united.

The Blood Drive was a good opportunity to show the world that not only do we share the gospel, but we honestly try to help people. It was an interesting experience to go out on the streets and invite people to the blood drive. That experience has also given me some good things to think about and learn from. 

One thing I learned this week was from Jesus the Christ (the book). An interesting point it brings up is that the invitation so often from Jesus himself and from his disciples was "come and see." In the Book of Mormon when Jesus visited the American civilization he not only said look at the wounds in my hands and in my feet, but come and feel them. As missionaries our invitation is the same "Come and See. or in other words, "come and see the fruits of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." The invitation is simple, but vital. It leads the hearer to have to make the choice for themselves. Come and see. Read the Book of Mormon and find out for yourself if it is true. Listen to the prophet's words and see for yourselves. Come and see what church is like. Come and see is a repeated theme throughout the Gospel. If we only open our eyes, listen with our ears, and feel with our hearts, we all can come to know these things are true. The Prophets bore testimony of it, the Book of Mormon bears testimony of it, and Jesus Christ bears testimony of it. The Gospel is true.

Til, next week!
Love, Elder Cederlof

Statue at Big Buddha

A lizard at "10,000 Buddha's"

Picture taken at the women's market by a man in Hong Kong on Business. 
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