Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beautiful view of Sha Tin
We have started teaching a new investigator named Dorothea. She is AWESOME! She has a little 2 year old daughter and a strong desire. She told us she might have little problems with the prophet concept but she said that she thinks that when she learns more she'll understand it and believe! Her faith toward Christ is already sooo strong. She talked about how she felt like she needed to purify herself before receiving an answer and things like that! She also already has a really strong relationship with the fellow shipper.

 We also had a bizarre story for the week. An investigator named Tony (he had a baptismal date) called us like 4 times one morning and asked if we could come visit him so we did. When we got there he gave us some papers and told us to turn them into the FBI or reporters or someone like that. He said he wrote down what he heard the birds talking about. It was all about weird things and we told him we couldn't do that and shared with him our purpose. He was mad we couldn't take it to reporters and he started saying some weird things and said he thought we were his friends and would do this for him. It was super weird and he started to get mad. We told him that we could help him come closer to Christ and help him develop faith etc., but he was just focused on the letters stuff. We felt like we needed to leave and so we left. He shut the door rather hard and then called us and said he wasn't coming to church. At first, I thought he had a lot of potential and would be baptized. I'm still hoping for that. But we felt like it wasn't the best idea to stay around and are not sure if we are going to try to teach him again. Will continue to pray on that one though.

I think the miracles that we have seen are incredible. We are still building are teaching pool with solid investigators. I think the key will be to push the members more to invite their friends to come. We will be visiting members and helping them set goals about it this week!

Last week we went to a museum!! It was super cool.  It had a Bruce Lee section. We got to see his "grey workout sweats" ya they had a lot of things like that, or like "his grades from college", "weekly planner", "ballroom dance steps" some weird stuff and then like a special part on how they make those animae movies like Spirited Away. It showed the actual drawings - was actually pretty cool.

Monday, May 19, 2014

We gave a man a flier on the street and at the time he didn't seem very interested. Then he called us a couple days later and said he wanted to come to church. We met him beforehand and taught him and gave him a tour of the chapel.  He said when he saw us and we invited him to come to church it reminded him that he actually needs to go to church.  He said that he has a lot of weaknesses and stuff and he was looking for a way to clean it all up. The gospel will do that!! It is amazing to see the blessings the Lord is willing to give us if we only ask! All we have to do is ask, believe, and do our part. Very simple but for some reason we don't always take advantage of that.  Hong Kong is amazing and these people are so special. I love being able to serve them and help my brothers and sisters "lay up their treasures in heaven"
Love you all!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014


I had the opportunity to go to lunch with one of Zach's favorite missionaries (Adam Williams) mom. We had so much fun talking, laughing and sharing stories of the boys.  She sent me a ton of pictures - hurray!!!

Birthday Lunch!

May Zone Conference


Monday, May 5, 2014

Last week or 2 weeks ago we went to a sweet history place... I forget what they're called...oh museum.... ya we went to one of those.

Well this week has just been awesome! When I started in this area there weren't any solid investigators. In fact, one had a baptismal date but had been on and off in the past and he has since disappeared. However, through our trials we have the opportunty to come even closer to the Lord. And if we endure it well, we will be blessed more than we can imagine. This week we found a lot of new investigators and some should have baptismal dates by the end of this week!  Pretty excited about that. This truly is the Lord's work and when we fully give ourselves to Him, we will know that whatever we do, and whatever the result is, it will be exactly how the Lord wanted it. One of the new investigators just randomly showed up to church. Turns out he investigated almost a year ago (more than 6 months ago=new investigator) and we didn't know him obviously so we talked to him and taught him after church and scheduled him for Saturday. In our lesson I asked him what his feeling were towards our church and he said he knows it is true. The Book of Mormon, everything. We are pretty excited about this huge blessing that the Lord has given us.  The gospel is great!  It can change our lives if we allow it!
Love you all!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof