Sunday, January 26, 2014

Okay, this one will have to be short, but this week has been really good. Lots of things learned. The first thing I want to talk about is priorities. There are some things that are very important right now, but maybe not as important in the grand scheme of things. We need to remember to focus on the "big picture" and apply that in our everyday life and what we focus on (good, better, best).  Next, if only we knew how much the Atonement really could help us we would all be better people. I have really been thinking about the atonement and forgiveness this past couple of days because that is the center of the message of this gospel. I want my conviction of that to be even stronger so that I can help share that message with the Hong Kong people. We all can take better advantage of the atonement in our lives. I've started reading "The Miracle of Forgiveness" by President Kimball. I’m only a couple of chapters in but I definitely recommend it to all of you!

Random fun thing of the week! We are hitting up an all you can eat grill place today! I’ll have pics next week but from what I’ve heard you should all be pretty jealous... just sayin!


Love, Elder Cederlof

Monday, January 20, 2014

The last week was cool.  We were teaching a guy on the pier about Joseph Smith and then this random person came up and said he believed us and wants to learn more so he gave us his number. We called him Sunday and he said he can meet with us this week, but he wasn't sure when, so we'll call him Tuesday to schedule him. We also went on exchanges with the district leader. It was my first time being in a totally new area. I’ve never been finding outside of Tsuen Wan and I went to Tsing Yi for that 24 hours. It was interesting to see the different side of things. Our apartment is waay nicer.  haha  And Adi and Edmund came to church and then Adi came to a baptism later that night which was cool. She got to see what it was like. We didn't have a fellowshipper so we couldn't teach her right after but we'll teach her Wednesday. All in all it has been a great week!! Love you mom!!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

Monday, January 13, 2014

No post today...just pictures!

Bundai Haircut

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Teaching English

This week is late because we went to the temple today! Never gets old! (luckily - I mean I will be going there quite a bit for the rest of my life) and the session was in Cantonese so they gave us headphones but it was fun to turn them down and listen to the Cantonese sometimes. Well this week has continued to just fly by. We taught English class, and I've got to say it's probably the best one I've ever seen. Me and my companion taught it and we taught about different countries so we took everyone on a big "trip" and flew around the world. Sounds lame. but we made it super fun. Everyone was laughing the whole time (in a good way), learning English, and having fun. Then we shared about how God is a universal god, not just an American god or a Chinese god (lots of people here think like that) . 
Edmund came to church this past week and he loves it! We couldn't get hold of him Saturday night to remind him so we were pretty nervous but then the next day, bright and early at 9 o'clock we saw him coming to church! It was super awesome to see how willing he is to come unto Christ and learn more about Him. Adi is continuing to be awesome! She is learning more and more every day and we are just praying that she will continue. We taught her about faith and holding onto the iron rod (the Book of Mormon) because if that book is true then we know this is God's one and only true church. None of the little things matter. If the Book of Mormon is true, we don't have to worry about little things like the one thing where you have more than one spouse (I can't remember the English word) you know like Brigham Young had a lot of wives?   Anyways sorry not a whole lot of time but here are some scriptures you all should check out:   2 Timothy 4:7,8   Oh and that thing I told you over the phone, the tongue twister, it means:  one dollar for a turtle, one dollar for a chicken. on the left you buy a turtle, on the right you buy a chicken.  He says the chicken is more expensive, I say the turtle is more expensive. so I'm asking you which is more expensive, the chicken or the turtle.  Sounds pretty lame in English but in Cantonese it's a whole tongue twister.   Oh and mom you called it. I forgot to tell you but on the phone when we first started Elder Smith said a couple lines... we were trying to see if you would notice.. you did.. still sharp! Well that's it for the week love you all!
Love, Elder Cederlof