Tuesday, May 26, 2015

While finding out in the rain last week we had some cool experiences! We decided to go knock doors because not many people were out on the street. However, even knocking on doors, we weren't seeing much success. While we were walking out of a tsuen we had just finished in, we ran into a man on the street and started talking with him! He went to school over in the UK so he mostly used English. At first, he didn't seem to have much interest but that doesn't stop us! We shared some points on the restoration and he felt something in his heart and admitted he actually was starting to have some interest! Power of the Restoration!!  Another example.  A couple days prior to the experience mentioned above, we were walking and saw a father pushing a stroller with a little kid. We went over and talked to him.  Again, like the other man, he didn't have much interest and he said he needed to go. I had the distinct feeling to share Joseph Smith's own words.  In the short time we had, the spirit was felt and we were then able to exchange numbers. Last example.  Last night we met with a man named A Wah. He has no background whatsoever. Sharing the Restoration with him seemed to spark something within. He didn't mention anything particular but I could see it in his eyes.  There is definitely a reason that Preach my Gospel teaches to tie things back to the Restoration!
'Til next week!
 Love, Elder Cederlof

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We definitely had some cool experiences this past week. Particularly on the day of Zone Conference. As you know, a little bit of a surprise that morning. (news of grandma Pearson passing) But through that experience I have come to learn and appreciate more about the Plan of Salvation. That has kind of seemed to be the theme of my mission. Although I've had some hard times, I am definitely grateful for the opportunity to strengthen my testimony about the Plan of Salvation.

I really enjoyed our Zone Training meeting. From the focus on improving our teaching skills to President and Sister Hawks testimonies of the importance and sacredness of the family. I'm thankful they, along with my parents, are such powerful examples of what an eternal family should be like. This is something I will always remember. I pray that through the things I learn here and continue to learn after my mission I will be able to fulfill that sacred duty.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to go to the temple today. My mom had a wonderful temple experience after my grandmother passed away.  I feel that today at the temple I will be able to find even more peace and strengthen my testimony even more.
Just like an example President Hawks shared at the beginning of my mission, when he was young, he learned to enjoy "taking your chainsaw to the mountains and working hard". I have definitely felt that type of change in myself!! I have learned to love the work!!  It really is the best 2 years!!!
Just as Thomas S. Monson talks about in "On the Lord's Errand," I want the Lord to know that when He has an errand, Elder Cederlof will be there!
'Til next week,
 Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Dear Mom -
Most of the stuff I already told you on the phone, but the coolest thing we are seeing now is that even though Elder Smith and I aren't having has much finding time, we are seeing huge miracles on the street everytime we go out! So awesome! Through this I have defniitely learned the valuable lesson that as we put the Lord first, he will fulfill the rest!! So always put the Lord first!! Things really couldn't be better right now. I love the ward, I love the area, I love my companion! It definitely is a great time to be a missionary!
I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

Me talking to you on Mother's Day

The view looking out our window


Last move.  Me, Elder Tseng and the Sheung Shui Sisters

The Six Elders in our old apartment

Elder Klein (to my right) is from England and is one of my best friends out here




Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This past week was crazy! A lot of big changes!! When I first heard that Elder Smith and I were going to be companions I was pretty surprised! One thing that I have mentioned before that I feel is kind of like the "theme" of my mission, is the reality of a loving Heavenly Father and His Plan of Salvation for me. Because Elder Smith and I lived together at the beginning of our missions, we have already gotten to know each other.  We can go to work immediately! We can go straight to the "performing" level, (referring back to the stages of a companionship) I am very grateful for the opportunity I have with Elder Smith and the Lord to strengthen Sheung Shui! It is a great and exciting opportunity to push forward the work! There definitely will be challenges (in the first 4 days we already experienced a lot of "firsts") As we trust in Heavenly Father's plan for all of us, there will be no room for worries or doubt. He will take care of us! Very grateful for that promise!

Tolo Harbor is an amazing place! Through this week's zone training we are hoping to help everyone in our zone develop more faith. Then, through combining that faith with learning how to improve finding, bring more people unto Christ. We all need to be constantly improving our methods and developing more faith. Faith is definitely the most critical part. I feel that through strong faith we will be able to improve. Not just in the ways that we personally want to improve, but in the way God wants us to improve. An interesting thought I have had is that it is true that we can all change. A reason why the Gospel is so critical is because it teaches and shows us become what God wants us to become. Like the last quote on "drawing upon the powers of heaven" paper talks about. God's plan for us is a lot bigger and better than our plans for ourselves. But am I humble enough to accept that? That has been a good pondering question for me which has lead to a stronger testimony of the great Plan of Salvation! I love the work! I love being here in Tolo Harbour. This is where the Lord has need of me!

Til next week!
Love, Elder Cederlof