Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This past week was crazy! A lot of big changes!! When I first heard that Elder Smith and I were going to be companions I was pretty surprised! One thing that I have mentioned before that I feel is kind of like the "theme" of my mission, is the reality of a loving Heavenly Father and His Plan of Salvation for me. Because Elder Smith and I lived together at the beginning of our missions, we have already gotten to know each other.  We can go to work immediately! We can go straight to the "performing" level, (referring back to the stages of a companionship) I am very grateful for the opportunity I have with Elder Smith and the Lord to strengthen Sheung Shui! It is a great and exciting opportunity to push forward the work! There definitely will be challenges (in the first 4 days we already experienced a lot of "firsts") As we trust in Heavenly Father's plan for all of us, there will be no room for worries or doubt. He will take care of us! Very grateful for that promise!

Tolo Harbor is an amazing place! Through this week's zone training we are hoping to help everyone in our zone develop more faith. Then, through combining that faith with learning how to improve finding, bring more people unto Christ. We all need to be constantly improving our methods and developing more faith. Faith is definitely the most critical part. I feel that through strong faith we will be able to improve. Not just in the ways that we personally want to improve, but in the way God wants us to improve. An interesting thought I have had is that it is true that we can all change. A reason why the Gospel is so critical is because it teaches and shows us become what God wants us to become. Like the last quote on "drawing upon the powers of heaven" paper talks about. God's plan for us is a lot bigger and better than our plans for ourselves. But am I humble enough to accept that? That has been a good pondering question for me which has lead to a stronger testimony of the great Plan of Salvation! I love the work! I love being here in Tolo Harbour. This is where the Lord has need of me!

Til next week!
Love, Elder Cederlof

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