Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Come and See"

Last Tuesday we had a ward youth activity in which the ward leaders had each of the girls try to invite at least one friend. The youth in our ward were awesome!! They brought in total, 9 non-member friends. Not all of them have interest in the gospel, yet. But as they slowly continue to be around members they will want what they are missing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, some of them do have interest in the gospel and we will be meeting with them this week. Among one of them is Winnie, Allie's friend. On Sunday, Allie bore her testimony about that activity and what happened after the activity! Definitely a miracle. After the activity (later that week) Winnie asked Allie how to be baptized, and asked about what we believe and stuff. She then even said that she wants to be a missionary and asked how old do you have to be to be a missionary! Allie (member) in her testimony said that she never would have thought an about to be investigator would already have hopes of serving a mission. That opportunity is such a confirmation to my testimony that the Lord truly has prepared our friends to hear the gospel. Some people truly are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it. There were also other youth that had great missionary opportunities as well, but I just wanted to share that one.

Temple day. I love going to the temple every transfer! It truly is a blessing. My brother and cousins that are also serving missions say that they rarely, if at all, get to go to the temple. So I truly am thankful. The new video is a very good one! I really like the more emotion. It helps me more understand the choices and how "deep" and important those choices were. I'm very grateful to have the understanding that The Fall was actually part of God's Plan, not a fault in God's Plan. God's Plan is perfect, that part just helps confirm the truth to me even more.

Zone Training provided some interesting insights and ideas that have lead to more pondering moments. One thing I felt that was very important that they pointed out was the fact that if we accomplish our goal, but don't change, it meant nothing. 65 in July is meant to give us something to push ourselves, consecrate ourselves, and lose ourselves in. I feel like because of this goal everyone's efforts have gotten even stronger. Along with the 65 in July, our ward has been doing a 40 day fast along with Cheng WuihJeung's card idea. Not only has that strengthened our relationship with the ward, improved ward unity, but has brought our ward closer to Christ and will continue to do so. Only through consistently focusing on our purpose (including understanding of) can we, our ward, and God truly be united.

The Blood Drive was a good opportunity to show the world that not only do we share the gospel, but we honestly try to help people. It was an interesting experience to go out on the streets and invite people to the blood drive. That experience has also given me some good things to think about and learn from. 

One thing I learned this week was from Jesus the Christ (the book). An interesting point it brings up is that the invitation so often from Jesus himself and from his disciples was "come and see." In the Book of Mormon when Jesus visited the American civilization he not only said look at the wounds in my hands and in my feet, but come and feel them. As missionaries our invitation is the same "Come and See. or in other words, "come and see the fruits of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." The invitation is simple, but vital. It leads the hearer to have to make the choice for themselves. Come and see. Read the Book of Mormon and find out for yourself if it is true. Listen to the prophet's words and see for yourselves. Come and see what church is like. Come and see is a repeated theme throughout the Gospel. If we only open our eyes, listen with our ears, and feel with our hearts, we all can come to know these things are true. The Prophets bore testimony of it, the Book of Mormon bears testimony of it, and Jesus Christ bears testimony of it. The Gospel is true.

Til, next week!
Love, Elder Cederlof

Statue at Big Buddha

A lizard at "10,000 Buddha's"

Picture taken at the women's market by a man in Hong Kong on Business. 
He sent it to my phone and made my day!

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