Sunday, July 20, 2014


We had EEFY this week. It was a good opportunity for the Youth in our ward to invite more friends to come. However, our ward and the Tai Wai ward decided to split the EEFY and do two separate ones. I definitely would encourage next year combining them in order to be more efficient and have more people there which would make it even more fun for the youth and more effective for the missionaries. 
At District Meeting we had a good sharing. The biggest thing I got from it was the importance of looking for things in our everyday life as "parables" like Christ did. I think that through those (object lessons/analogies) we can take something maybe a little bit complicated and make it so that everyone could not not understand.

We also visited some Ward families this week to share about the cards and help them set goals. Among one family we visited was Liuh Gatihng. They are awesome! As we were about to leave the house I had the prompting to take one of my English Book of Mormons. At first I thought it was a rather peculiar thought because the family we were visiting only spoke Chinese. Nevertheless I brought the Book of Mormon. When we arrived we found out that their two nieces from Australia were visiting. As we shared about the cards and how we could help others come to the gospel I realized why we brought the English Book of Mormon. The two nieces (already members) couldn't really use the Chinese cards because they couldn't read them, but they could definitely give the Book of Mormon to someone! We invited them to do that and told them about the spiritual experience I had had before coming over. The spirit works in marvelous ways and when we trust it, we know everything will be okay. Literally everything. God knows His plan from the beginning.

Another miracle. On the street that day we stopped a lady and shared about the Book of Mormon. After sharing she showed a great amount of interest and so we rescheduled her later that week. While at the church we saw three people walking towards the church. I was a bit confused at first but I then recognized the lady we had bumped into. She called us to tell that she was here and had brought two friends with her! We gave them a tour of the church and shared the message of the restoration. The gospel is truly amazing! It leads all those who partake of it to want to share it, even if they've just heard a little bit about the church.

Exchanges was a good experience for me. Elder Brown and I were together that day. I loved having the opportunity to be with a more experienced missionary and to learn from him. I learned several things that day. It really helped show me how important being unified is. As well as how much more power that brings. We also had the opportunity to talk about things and different methods and such.
This week has been another great opportunity to learn from experiences and challenges. Every week my testimony of the Plan of Salvation grows so much because I not only see how that knowledge affects investigators, who have maybe never heard of such a thing. But how much it affects me, even though I’ve been learning about it for a very long time. I'm grateful to serve here in Sha Tin and I know that where I am right now is exactly where I am supposed to be.

‘Til Next Week,
 Elder Cederlof


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