Sunday, July 27, 2014

This past week we had some more ward activities, namely EFY and a bread-making night. Through these activities I have come to love our ward so much more! I just love Sha Tin. Our members are awesome and they brought a lot of friends to the activities. Most of them live in Tai Wai or other areas but it is awesome that they are so willing to bring some friends. We are continuing to do the member visits and goals which are really good! It gives everyone a specific name to prepare for instead of just the overall idea of needing to do missionary work.  I think that when people have just a specific name it looks a lot more possible and less overwhelming than the thought of I need to do missionary work cause then they have a goal in mind. 

Winnie is continuing to be awesome! She has the desire to read the whole Book of Mormon and she thought she had to read the whole thing to know if it was true and we explained that as long as she is diligent in reading she can know before reading the whole thing. I love seeing the strong desire in people to know if the gospel is true. 

We visited Angus this week (less-active) He is doing well but his leg is broken so he can't come to church until it heals but he said that once it heals he then can come so we are excited for him and are continuing to help him prepare to come back and also participate in missionary work through inviting friends to meet with us.

Cheung jimuih (less-active) also is doing really well. She came to church 3 times in a row and came even when her husband was home. She normally doesn't come to church because she wants to accompany her husband but I guess that day she decided she needed to go. She really does have a good heart and so we are hoping to be able to help her continue to have that desire to come to church no matter her circumstances and help her husband as well.

Exchanges were very good as well! Me and Elder Carrasquillo were on exchanges Thursday night to Friday night. I think it was a very good opportunity to learn and practice teaching together. We planned for EFY and also a part family member visit and were also able to get in contact with someone that hadn't been in contact with the missionaries for a while. 

We visited two families this week and set goals with them and shared about the work of salvation. We visited the Lam family and Bishop Tse's family. Both are very strong families and now with goals, missionaries help, and God's help, they will also be able to experience miracles.

I've been studying Jesus the Christ a lot recently. The more I read that book the stronger my conviction of Jesus Christ grows. That book is amazing! I've never been able to understand so much about Christ's ministry. The book explains Christ's parables and situations so clearly. The more in depth I learn about Christ's life, the stronger desire I have to be better. It is truly amazing to read about Peter and the other apostles as well.

One thing I learned about this week is about patience. Patience is an attribute that needs to be continually worked on. If not, you'll slowly lose it or won't have as much patience as you need. Also when I remember how patient God is with me, it helps me be more patient with others. I'm not even close to perfect and God puts up with me and my weaknesses.  Why should I get frustrated or annoyed at some else's?  It reminds me of the Mormon message about the man with the owl, it's a good one.  I'm grateful to be able to have the opportunity to continue to grow through challenges, setbacks, and obstacles. And I’ve learned that smiling all the way through and trusting in God makes it that much better of an experience!

 Til next week!
 Love, Elder Cederlof

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