Sunday, August 3, 2014

This week has definitely been a good week! Working with a summer missionary has been awesome! Definitely had some challenges but through working through them together we have a really good relationship and have been able to continue to learn and grow. I made sure to set up expectations first, especially about obedience. Being exactly obedient is most important. He has also been able to help me with my Chinese quite a bit. He is really good at it because he is quite patient and will be a stickler if I ask him to. This week we have definitely seen some cool miracles happen. Among one was on a hot day. He was very tired and wanted to take a little rest. He asked if we could and I told him that if we found someone, taught them, and rescheduled them, then we could take a short rest. Within a couple minutes a lady came walking towards us and asked us if she could come to church! Definitely a big miracle! We've taught her twice now and she was going to come to church yesterday but something came up. However she is rescheduled for Tuesday. That experience was not only a great learning opportunity but another opportunity to see the Lord's hand in His work.

David seems to have rekindled some fire. Since meeting some people at EFY he has seem more interested in continuing to prepare for baptism. He has a baptismal date in October. We are helping him to develop pure faith in Christ. Faith that will endure through challenges. He also has a friend that is now meeting with the Tai Wai Elders and sometimes he'll also go to those lessons with his friend so now he is getting double power!

Zone Exchanges were awesome! I went with Elder Dorman. I love being able to go on exchanges with missionaries that have been out for a while! It is a great time to learn from them and their experience. Elder Dorman is definitely an experienced missionary with a passion for the work. I really liked how much he used the Book of Mormon while finding.
Before Zone exchanges we had Zone Meeting. Because my summer missionary doesn't speak English I translated for him the entire time. I think it helped me learn the stuff even more because then instead of the information going through the brain once I had to then change it into Cantonese and speak it as well.

I just absolutely adore our ward members! Every time we visit ward members my love for them just grows soo much! They really are amazing people! That is just one of the blessings the Lord has given me. I've never felt homesick because the people I'm with are my family. I know that if I have any worries there are lots of people that are willing to help and that care about me and how I’m doing. This church is true! Anyone can travel to any part of the world and the members there will, with a warming smile, welcome them. Everyone really is a big family, and I want every Hong Kong person to be able to have that same powerful sense of comfort, peace, and love in their life!
 As my year mark is coming up I have been thinking a lot about how my desires have changed over the past year. Obviously my original desires were still good but overtime, through experience, they have changed. I have been trying to make sure to maintain "pointing outwards" as David A. Bednar would put it. Truly thinking about how the ward and missionaries can work together. But also how we can help each individual ward member develop more faith to not only come unto Christ, but to share that message with their friends. It truly is a miraculous thing to be able to witness someone else's testimony being strengthened. That's just one among many things that I am grateful for.
Til Next Week!
Love, Elder Cederlof



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