Monday, August 25, 2014

Tuen Mun

This week has been AWESOME!! I'm soo grateful I have the opportunity to train Elder Black!! I'm also very grateful for the opportunity to be part of opening a companionship in Tuen Mun. This past week has been pretty busy in getting ready to move and train but it was awesome! Being a trainer puts a little new perspective on things. Before going to meet my trainee Elder Smith said Elder Black was coming in (he was originally in his group) and how excited he was that he was coming back! I am very blessed to have the opportunity to train Elder Black! He is an awesome Elder and is a great missionary! I like being able to show him things like gai meih baau and cha sui but I absolutely love showing him, encouraging him, and pushing him in finding, teaching, and phone calls. He has a great attitude. I definitely understand that at first, finding, teaching, and calling people on the phone are pretty scary but he was happy and willing to do it. We already have a very strong trust connection and are open with each other.   
Oh I forgot to answer your questions. My companion is from Texas!  Look up Tuen Mun on google maps! It’s out in new territories and it is pretty different than my other areas but I’m super excited!  I love being a trainer because every time he does something new it reminds me of my first time doing the same thing and then I can use that experience to try to help him more! It’s honestly a blast!  And our apartment is very white. We’re with Elder Beal and his trainee. If you want to see Elder Beal look back in the pictures of when I went to Big Buddha. He is the one with red hair. He is super funny. 

Love you mom!

Love, Elder Cederlof


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