Sunday, August 17, 2014

Called to be a Trainer!

This week has definitely had some good surprises. Friday when I got the call to train I could definitely feel the spirit confirm that that is what I am supposed to be doing next move. I'm very grateful for that role of the Holy Ghost, to confirm to ourselves the truthfulness of our callings. I'm very excited to train and since receiving that call I have been pondering about how I was trained and thinking of ways I can apply certain principles. I'm thankful the Lord has that trust in me and knows that I can train effectively.  Along with the call to train was the call to move and open a new companionship. I'm also very grateful for that opportunity to learn and grow. To be honest, before I got that call I definitely felt that I might be moving or training. As with all changes in life, or opportunities to grow, we are going to have to leave some things behind. I will be leaving the Sha Tin ward. I will definitely miss them. I feel like I have a very very strong relationship with all of them. I've loved being able to meet with them, set goals, build each other's faith and come unto Christ. The Sha Tin ward is amazing! However, I know that the future is even brighter than the past. Like Christ mentions, no man with his hand to the plough looking back is fit for the Kingdom of God; I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming things and put my trust in Christ. I feel like these 4 months in Sha Tin have really taught me about Charity. I feel like when I was in Tsuen Wan I had a really good relationship with the ward, but in Sha Tin, I feel like I have a SPECTACULAR relationship with the ward. Us Missionaries and the ward have really been putting our efforts together in order to bring more people to Christ; and I now get to take those things I learned here in Sha Tin, and apply them in my new area!

I have put a lot of emphasis in my personal study on really "digging deep" into the scriptures. Reading through Jesus the Christ has definitely helped me understand Christ's teachings in the 4 gospels. Cross referencing/re-reading certain parts have also played a big role in being able to get a more in depth look at things. The teachings of the Book of Mormon are just incredible.  Alma, while talking to his son Helaman talks about after "tasting" of the gospel, the desire to share it. The Book of Mormon's usage of words is incredible. Every word, every sentence is there for a specific reason and purpose; and even more incredible, when put all together, we have the fullness of the Gospel. The Book of Mormon is true. It is a powerful witness of Jesus Christ, coupled with prayer it is single-handedly the most powerful tool in not only investigators conversion, but in ourselves. I absolutely LOVE the Book of Mormon. If everyone could just truly ponder and read it for themselves they could understand and feel the happiness that only the Book of Mormon, the fullness of the Gospel, can bring!  
Love you all!
Elder Zach Cederlof

Dinner with Dorothea
Sha Tin church
Far left is Sister Cheng (stake president's wife) she is one of my best friends here! The older lady is my Hong Kong Grandma! She is a less active we've been visiting for a  while and has started coming back to church the last month or so.
Ward Mission Leader/Previous Mission President
Bishop, David (one wearing glasses) and youth from mainland down here for school
70 dollar all you can eat dim sum?? In Tsuen Wan?? That's where it's at!




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