Sunday, August 31, 2014

I am loving every minute out here in Tuen Mun training! Even after just a week I have learned a lot and have had a lot of great experiences. The beginning of the week started off a little bit slow but through diligence we were able to finish off strong! Thursday was quite the eventful day! We felt the need to go finding over by some chyun uk's. After finding there it was apparent that that was an inspired decision. We ran into several people that were willing and happy to talk to us about the message of the Restoration. On our way out of that area after saying a prayer, I had the prompting to talk to a man walking towards us on the right side. We talked to him; however, he brushed us aside quickly. Happy with the opportunity to have received a prompting and then to have followed it, we turned and started walking the other direction. Our path intersected with a mom of a 7 month old baby. We started talking about families and how the gospel can help. Immediately she showed a lot of interest. If we wouldn't have followed that first prompting and talked to the man in the red shirt we definitely wouldn't have run into mom. However, the Lord truly knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end. We rescheduled the mom and met her the next day at church. The lesson went very well. We invited a recent convert to come teach with us and it ended up working out very well! In fact, she accepted a baptismal date for the 5th of October! The Lord always blesses us! It also showed me the importance of trust in the Lord. Being a trainer, sometimes it's kind of hard to know exactly how much to step in, such as while finding or doing phone calls. But I've decided to put the trust in the Lord and do it His way, doing all I can to help Elder Black become the best missionary he can be, and I have definitely seen the Lord's hand in it. I'm definitely very grateful I had an awesome trainer (Elder Tong) because I can use the same principles he taught me in teaching Elder Black. This is such an exciting time right now and I love just being able to share the insights, tips, skills about missionary work with Elder Black. But it isn't just a one way thing; Elder Black has also taught me a ton of things such as the true meaning of the "Gift of Tongues”.  It's really an amazing thing to witness someone diligently working, testify in a language they aren't too fluent in, and feeling the Holy Ghost.
We had a good sit-down with the other Tuen Mun elders and discussed some things about the ward such as how to do Less-Active and so on. We then talked about how we could strengthen the ward. We came up and discussed several very good ideas that we will be talking more about with the ward in ward council this upcoming Wednesday. The biggest thing we are going to talk about is the work of salvation that we did in Tolo Harbour and how we can apply it here.

The ward here is awesome! We got more time to meet with them this week and talk with them. Definitely a lot of very good people. The goal now is to take all of the awesome people, help each other step up even more in faithfulness, true desires, and unity. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Tuen Mun.

Til Next Week,
Elder Cederlof

PS. Almost forgot, Elder Beal put wash in this morning during breakfast, then, during studies all of a sudden I felt some wet on my feet. After looking down, I realized our washer flooded! However, it didn't get to our suitcases, or Book of Mormons. Luckily with our tile floor there wasn't any damage, so we mopped it all up and called housing elders, and then went back to studies.

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