Monday, March 16, 2015

Spiritual patterns set us up for a life of success. One thing I've really been thinking about is how much my mission will direct my future and the course in life. I already knew and believed that how we live our mission is how we live our lives, but I wanted to break it down even more. How does each individual day, each choice, in all aspects of missionary work, affect our futures? In my studies, I found a greater understanding and appreciation for the Plan of Salvation. This knowledge has brought me an even deeper trust and hope that God really does have a plan for me. His plan is personalized to every single one of us.

This past week was a great example of this. We were on the streets quite a bit and found one investigator. We were looking for miracles but they just didn't seem to come. Then out of nowhere the sisters gave us a number for a young man; we called and scheduled him for the next day. Then while we were doing daily planning the Mandarin Elders came in and said that they had a family to turn over to us! A lot of times I feel like I look too much into expecting miracles coming directly from our searching. For example, finding "golden" investigators on the street, or walking down a street and having the feeling to knock on the "red door" that leads to a full family. But a lot of times, miracles don't come that way. As we commit to this work, be obedient, do what we can; the Lord will do the rest. With this past week, it was through other people that the Lord showed us His hand.

Love you!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

Zach & Elder Black with the Tsang Family
(Ward Mission Leader - Castle Peak Bay Ward)

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