Monday, April 6, 2015

This past week we have continued to see some really big miracles!!  This last week we met with Eric and Kowa again. We invited the Ng family to help us teach (they were baptized last July).  Actually, that day, Kowa couldn't come til the very end, so we mostly just taught Eric. Not having any religious background we knew we would definitely need to be as clear and simple as possible. We shared about the Restoration. He had such good questions and it was awesome to have Brother and Sister Ng there with us cause their testimonies are so strong and they shared about their conversion! Eric was also willing to do the closing prayer!! A couple days later we were then able to meet with Nick. (Eric's younger brother-age 28) We shared the Plan of Salvation with Nick! What an awesome lesson! He said it just made so much more sense than all the other things he has heard. He was asking awesome questions as well! Aside from that he had also read to 1 Nephi chapter 16! He is so willing and wanting to learn and come unto Christ!  We invited their whole family (Eric + his wife, Nick, Nick and Eric's mom, Mrs. Jeung) to come to church! We called Saturday night to make sure and Nick said they were all planning on coming! The next morning after Ward Council, we asked Bro. Ng to meet them at the bus stop so that we could stay at the church and greet members. He left and shortly returned after, without them. He said he had called them and they weren't able to catch the bus so he told them to take a taxi. He told us to continue and he would take care of it and make sure they got there. Such awesome members! They came and sat down with us! Their entire family! When we first invited Nick and Kawa to church they weren't sure if they could come when it started because their 11 month old daughter usually doesn't wake up til 10, but they made it! They stayed all 3 hours and loved it! They participated in gospel principles class and Nick in priesthood, while talking about how the church values family history, brought up that Lehi commanded his sons to go back to Jerusalem to get the records! Such a prepared family! After church they said they would definitely be coming next week for conference!! Such a huge blessing! The Lord really is pushing forward his work! Families are so important! They can help each other learn and grown and stay close to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Miracles Miracles Miracles!! I've grateful for the opportunity to be here in Sheung Shui finding my family!

 'til next week,
 Love, Elder Cederlof

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