Monday, April 13, 2015

General Conference was awesome!! So many different things learned. I really liked the big focus on families especially on the Saturday sessions! Families are what we are here for! They play such a critical role in God's Plan of Salvation for each and every one of us. Giving family priority is so important! Those talks has made me ponder more about things I can either continue to do, or start doing to more better prepare myself for that sacred role.  I also really enjoyed the talks that were on "truly being converted." It made me ask myself some good thought provoking questions such as the reason behind things. Are we doing what we are doing just because it is 'expected' of us? What is the real motive behind the work we do? Is it simply so people "think" we are good, trying our best? I thought back to the example in the scriptures which teaches that if a man gives a gift grudgingly, it is as if he hasn't given it at all. In missionary work, if I'm not fully committed, giving my all, it comes down to the same principle. Although as the "unprofitable servant" (as the scriptures teach) that I am, I hope that through the goals I have set from General Conference I will be able to show the Lord more about how much I truly care for this work! I love the opportunity God has given me to listen to his Living Prophets on the earth! Recently my testimony and love for Joseph Smith has grown a lot. I have been trying to learn more about his life and what he went through, definitely a powerful example and a strong building block in my own testimony.

I had the opportunity to hold my first baptismal interview. I interviewed Sheung Shui sister's investigator. What an awesome opportunity to sit down and discuss the covenant of baptism. It was a special moment as we discussed about the meaning of taking upon ourselves Christ's name and discussing the interview questions. It was an experience I won't forget!

I am so grateful to be District Leader over here! All the members of the District are such strong examples. I have learned a lot from this experience. One of the things that has been emphasized to me over and over is that this really is God's work. He doesn't require the best Cantonese, or the teaching skills or anything. He just requires the best that we can give. I'm grateful for this learning opportunity!

 'Til Next week,
 Love, Elder Cederlof

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