Sunday, February 22, 2015

We have continued to see some huge miracles. On the street we had a lot of time to talk to people about their culture and learn about Chinese New Year’s. The biggest miracle was that Tyler (hsk ward) finally got baptized! Elder Black and I found him back when we were serving in Tuen Mun. Fortunately, living with the Hsk elders, we could continuously get updates on how he was doing! Throughout all the problems and trials he has had to go through in order to be baptized he has finally made it! He put his trust in the Lord's promise as contained in 1 Nephi 3, and received the answers he needed.

The next big miracle is with Kelvin. He has committed to quit smoking! It's definitely going to be a challenge for him but he can do it! We set a plan with him a couple weeks ago, but he still has been struggling, so we went over with him what worked and what didn't and we came to realize very quickly that when he actually did what the Lord, through us, invited him to do-read the scriptures/pray when he had the feeling to smoke- he didn't smoke. However, he didn't do that every time, therefore hasn't quit smoking. We talked about the reasons behind the things we were sharing and he committed to pray and/or read when he feels like he needs to smoke.

A-yung was confirmed this past Sunday! So awesome! The correlation throughout the leaders is impressive! Before, she and Nicole were confirmed; they already had home and visiting teachers! Bro. Tsang is playing a huge role in pushing this work forward! So grateful for him!

The past week's "deep clean" definitely brought an inviting spirit! It seriously was a good feeling to clean the entire apartment from the ceiling down. When thinking back about the things I've learned about cleanliness and the fact that the home can be as sacred as the temple, but it needs to be as CLEAN as the temple as well. I've set some goals for my home now, as well as future home, to be able to maintain that level of cleanliness in order to have my home feel as sacred as the temple.

Tung Family, the family that came to the church by themselves, seemed to have vanished. We called and texted them to no response, until Sunday! Bro. Tung texted us back and said he had some medical issues so he won't be able to meet for a couple weeks. Not being able to meet for a couple weeks is the bad news, but the good news is that they still have strong desire to learn more about these things! It is all in God's hands. His timing is perfect!

Til Next Week,
Love, Elder Zachary Cederlof


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