Sunday, February 15, 2015

This week we have continued to see big miracles! The first one is with Sister Chan (RC)'s husband. He originally was pretty against anything about the church. We have fasted and been praying that he will change and able to accept the gospel. We have now started seeing the results of those prayers and fasting. He isn't quite there yet, but he has been changing.  He now supports Sister Chan even more in going to church. It definitely is a process but I know the Lord will continue to answer our prayers one step at a time! Throughout helping their family I have really come to understand more about my purpose in Hong Kong. I feel that I have found one of the reasons why I was sent to Hong Kong. I'm bringing back my lost family to God's Kingdom! It is such a privilege!
 A-yung was able to be baptized this past week! Her journey to baptism has been incredible! She first met the missionaries 6 months ago, and the effort she has put in to be able to get baptized last week is awesome!! She has gone through so much but has relied on the Lord and thus able to progress to baptism! It is awesome to see how much she has changed throughout this process, especially since we set this baptismal date. Her heart truly has changed. She has the desire to do good and shows it through her actions.

This week leading up to Nicole's confirmation has been crazy for Nicole! She is facing some pretty hard anti from her sister. We tried at least make contact with her every single day! Despite the trials she has been facing, she has put her trust in the Lord. We shared a lesson with her about Amulon persecuting Alma at that time, how they relied on the Lord. She really took the lesson to heart and later that day sent us a text telling us how grateful she was to hear the gospel and how it applies to her situation. She is such an awesome example of putting her Trust in God!!

 Til next week,
 Love, Elder Cederlof

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