Monday, February 2, 2015

The work is continuing to progress every single week here!! I'm so grateful to be serving here at this time! Nicole is doing awesome!! She is so humble and her desire to learn is very strong! A-yung is still looking good for her baptismal date! 
Throughout this ward 40 day fast we have seen so many miracles!! From single people walking into the church to now, an entire family walking in! A family walked into the Butterfly ward last week. However, they lived in our area and they didn't get a chance to get their contact information. Fortunately, they came back yesterday! The mom didn't come this time, but we were able to teach the dad and two kids after church. They don't have any Christian background but have a strong desire to come and learn about these things. Such a huge blessing!! 
The ward is doing so awesome! Yesterday in testimony meeting members bore powerful testimonies of the ward fast and missionary work. It is such a blessing to be able to see the ward and missionary work coming together. The leaders are active in their callings and we are always talking of new ways or ideas in order to help the ward continue to grow. 

The past little bit studying about My purpose has continued to help my testimony grow so much! The thing that has stuck the most out to me is the fact that this really is God's work. If we will do it His way, we will get the results He wants us to. The journey of it all is simply aligning our will with his. The more aligned we can be, the more we can follow His plan for us. Through counsel from prophets, leaders, and personal revelation we can align ourselves. Giving God and His commandments priorities is most important. I really liked reading about that from last General Conference. We need to make the time for God. He isn't just an afterthought, or an "if I have time" type of a thing. But as us missionaries, members, and investigators work together to do that we have been able to see a lot of success. 
 Til Next week!
 Love, Elder Cederlof

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