Sunday, January 25, 2015


As you know, our ward is doing the 40 day fast. From which we have already seen huge blessings from it. On top of that we decided to set a date for everyone in the ward to bring the person they prayed for to church! Bro. Tsang got up on Sunday and announced it. He also invited everyone to make the missionaries so busy that they only have time to teach!! I'm looking forward very much to that and I truly believe that through the things President Hawks has emphasized the entire time: planning, obedience, evaluation, working with ward leaders and so on; we truly can achieve that goal of being so busy we don't have time to find. That transformation has already started taking place.
We went over all the baptismal questions with A-yung to help us know how we can continue to help her prepare for baptism. She knows all the stuff and so we are going to stick with the basics in order for her testimony to continue to grow. For christmas my mom gave me a 25 day countdown thing. Everyday I would place a different picture of Christ in clear sleeves on a chart. Last week I was thinking about how we could help A-yung continue to have power to continue to baptism and beyond when all of a sudden I thought "wait, we can give her the countdown to her baptism!" We now will stop by her house everyday for about 5-10 minutes to follow up with reading, and give her that day's picture of Christ.

Nicole is continuing to do great! It is so inspiring to see someone that once they have learned the truthfulness, they are then willing to accept all the parts of it. Knowing that she needs to be baptised, she is willing to learn and trust in the Lord.
This past week Kelvin made a big turn around. Before he was still willing to meet but not a huge desire to progress. This last week we planned on teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, however, when we got there, we felt that that was not what he needed. We felt we simply needed to talk with him. We talked to him about his goals, hopes, and dreams. We talked about where he wanted to be in 10 years from now. We then talked about how the gospel will help him achieve all of those goals. He then set some plans and goals in order to change so that he can reach those goals. One of the things he talked about was how important families was to him. We talked about eternal marriage in the temple. He asked us if he could get married there!! We said it would take some work but if he was willing to put in the effort he could reach there someday!! He is now going to be bringing his girlfriend and some other friends to church with him as well. It was definitely an inspired lesson!  Love ya!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof


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