Sunday, January 18, 2015

Throughout our ward's 40 day fast we have been seeing miracle after miracle. It truly is inspiring to me to see the ward's faith. Nicole is doing awesome! She fasted this past week to see if she needed to be baptized in this church. She got her answer Sunday night. She now has a stronger testimony that she needs to be baptized. A-Yung is doing fantastic as well. We have several members that will call and see how she is doing and remind her to read scriptures! Seeing the desire of the members and their strong examples helps keep me motivated to everyday strive to be a better missionary. I've been learning so much from them and their strong examples.  I know that with the Lord's help we can do our part to plant and harvest the Lord's fields in Castle Peak Bay!! I'm so grateful for the gift of faith the Lord has given me. I feel that this entire time the Lord has been by my side. I am weak, but through Christ am made strong. The gospel is true!!

Love, Elder Cederlof  

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