Sunday, January 11, 2015

Church was awesome! We had 6 investigators there and 5 less-actives. One of the Recent Converts we have really been working with brought a friend with her as well. We didn't have the chance to teach her after church but we scheduled her on Tuesday! We are definitely seeing the effects of striving to build a strong base with the ward. As the ward is prepared, the Lord will provide people to fill all the seats!! We definitely saw that come to true this past week! I think one thing that has made the biggest difference in helping Castle Peak Bay ward grow is a strong ward mission leader. Brother Jang has helped so much and is always there to help us when we need him. We are striving to build strong relationships of trust between the members and the missionaries. When not just a surface deep level of trust is there, but deep to the core kind of trust, we can more fully work together. There are many great examples here of putting the gospel first. Using their time to effectively magnify their calling. I can definitely see the power that magnifying your calling brings. Whether that calling be full-time missionary, ward mission leader, or member; realization and understanding your calling makes a huge difference!! I feel as though this ward is like a big rock that is rolling down a hill, every day, every week picking up more and more momentum!

Nicole is doing awesome! This past week we shared about the Plan of Salvation. She is super prepared. She wants a little more time before setting a baptismal date; however, she is doing great! It's amazing to me how receptive she is to the gospel.

Brother Au. He hasn't been to church in around 20+ years! Last week and yesterday he came to church! I believe the Holy Ghost has brought to his remembrance why he joined the church in the first place.

A-yung quit her job and is now able to come to church!! I know that Heavenly Father really really wants A-yung to join the church, as he does with all of his children. There have been so many miracles going on that have provided A-yung opportunity to start coming to church again and to have the desire to keep going! It truly is a blessing to be able to witness all of the miracles that are happening!!

Til Next week!
Love, Elder Cederlof

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