Sunday, February 8, 2015


This past week was crazy! This week we were meeting with Nicole just about every day to help her continue to prepare for baptism! All of the preparation was worthwhile! She got baptized yesterday!! It was definitely a special moment! There was great ward and friend support at the baptismal service! It has been an amazing experience to be able to help Nicole prepare for baptism. Before she learned about the church she wasn't a bad person by any means. She had already set good standards for herself. However, she was still missing that piece! (the gospel) It's amazing to see how the gospel can take an already "good" person and transform them into that much better! It strengthened my testimony that no matter what stage of life we are in, to what degree we've applied the Atonement; we can all become even better through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Zone Conference was awesome! I really liked the focus on purpose. My testimony was definitely strengthened from Zone conference. Also, the surprise of watching "Meet the Mormons" was also super cool! It has some very powerful examples and stories. I especially liked the missionary mom segment because it is even another example of how the gospel can turn someone's life around!

Although Nicole got baptized yesterday, Sunday attendance dropped a ton from the previous weeks! The family that came last two weeks went out of town this past weekend. We originally had them scheduled Saturday but they didn't come and then didn't answer the phone. We were a little bit worried because out the blue no contact, but then we got a hold of them Sunday night and then found out that they ended up going out of Hong Kong and forgot to tell us; so we rescheduled them on Wednesday! The ward fast has brought such huge miracles! I truly believe the ward is coming together more and more every week! We have been seeing so many miracles! I read this morning in personal study about the 2,000 stripling warriors. I like how Helaman calls them his sons. They were truly a family, united in God's cause, and were given success. Castle Peak Bay is becoming like Helaman's army! I am so blessed to be able to be side by side with my brothers and sisters, united in God's cause! Obviously there are still plenty of challenges, and there will continue to be so; just as all of the stripling warriors were wounded. But I love the words of Joseph Smith "shall we not go on in such great a cause?" I love being here and being able to go on in such great a cause!

Til next week,
Love, Elder Cederlof

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