Sunday, December 28, 2014

This last week was amazing. This has been the best Christmas ever. The unity with the ward is continuing to grow as well as the love that I have for these people and the Savior.

We had 3 member visits this past week. The members are so strong and it is inspiring to me to see their desire to help push forward the Lord's work. One thing this past week that I was especially touched by was the member’s thoughtfulness. Not only did they want their own family to have a good Christmas, they also wanted to make sure the missionaries had a good Christmas as well. We went Christmas caroling with the ward on Christmas Eve. We visited an investigator and a recent convert’s house and with all of us crammed inside sang 4 songs. It was an awesome experience! The feelings of happiness, gratitude and love could be seen in the eyes of those we visited. Due to time we weren't able to visit some other recent converts we felt needed some extra "Christmas spirit." Therefore, Christmas morning we went with the recent convert we had visited the night before to share the Christmas spirit with another recent convert. After we sang, that recent convert wanted to come with us too and sing at other people's houses. We originally had planned to go visit 2 more people but neither of them were home. It so happened to be that one of Sister Chan's friends (non-member) was at home and said we could come over there. What a great opportunity to meet someone new! Our small group of people brought the Christmas spirit into this lady's home. Just as the night before, I could definitely see the appreciation and joy in this lady's eyes. Due to needing to meet with someone else, we couldn't stay long. However, the lady then invited us back! The Christmas season is a great time for people's hearts to be softened!

One of the biggest blessings that the gospel gives me is family. I know that wherever I am, I have family. I can't explain enough how much I love Castle Peak Bay Ward. I feel at home here. To me, I think that's a big part of God's plan for us. He wants us all too truly feel connected. But more than just connected, he wants us to feel like a family. A family in which everyone can lean on everyone else for support. It's the best environment for learning, teaching, growing, and loving. I feel that Castle Peak Bay is developing into that family. Our ward isn't perfect, but I strongly feel that we are headed in the right direction. As we truly Come Unto Christ, we will, through diligence and hard work, be perfected in Him. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be serving in this time in this place.

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