Monday, December 22, 2014

This past week went by fast!! I'm so thankful that I am staying here in Castle Peak Bay with Elder Black! We've been working really hard with the ward mission leader to plan and execute ways to involve everyone in missionary work in order to bring about the attitude of success!  Our ward mission leader is so awesome!! I think I talk about him every week, but that's because every week he just keeps stepping it up!! He understands his role and the wards role in missionary work and he understands our role as well. He has a lot of respect for the calling of a missionary and trusts in God's plan for missionary work.

This past week two of the recent converts were able to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. We talked to them after, what an exciting experience! They both loved it! One had some questions about the temple and so we helped answer her questions. The temple truly is such a sacred place and it helps ignite the fire to want to serve others and continue to do missionary work!

An investigator, A-Yung had a birthday last week and she invited us and a member to have dinner with her. Afterwards we shared about testimonies. It was an awesome experience to have us, the member, and A-Yung all share our testimonies. Later that week, A-Yung got sick. We called and texted to invite her to English class but she didn't answer.  The next day she called us back and said she was sick so she wasn't able to come. What a great opportunity to share about Priesthood Blessings!! I shared briefly about a Priesthood blessing and asked if she would like us to come give her a blessing.  She said yes! After calling and inviting several members in the area to come with us, everyone was either busy or didn't answer their phone. Then the name of a member that we hadn't thought of before came to our mind. She could come! It really was a miracle. She (the member) said that just an hour or so before we called her she was planning on going out but she said she all of a sudden got a feeling she needed to stay in the area.  Shortly thereafter, we called her! We went up and gave A-Yung a priesthood blessing! She started feeling better during the blessing! That experience strengthened my testimony that God truly does know His children's needs and wants to help.

While visiting a recent convert, we brought Sister Lai and she brought her 8/9 year old son as well. We shared about the true meaning of Christmas and after sharing the story of the nativity, invited everyone to bear their testimonies. The last person to bear their testimony was Sister Lai's son. At just the tender age of 8 or 9 he bore a sincere, heartfelt testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ as our Redeemer and Savior. It was a very powerful experience. That example right there is why we all need to "become like little children." I'm thankful for this opportunity to be here. Christmas season is especially sweet. I can honestly say my love for the people has grown a lot since I first started my mission. They truly are my family. I'm thankful for this Christmas season to remind me even more about our Savior's mission.

Til Next Week,
Love, Elder Cederlof


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