Sunday, December 7, 2014

The work here is definitely progressing! This past week we had a lot of miracles! I'll start with just a few miracles:

1. We have been visiting with a recent convert less active these last couple of weeks and she has said in the past that she would come to church but didn't come. However, this past Sunday she came to church and brought her daughter! She absolutely loved church! She was smiling and just so happy there!!

2. We found out that A-Yung, who missed her baptism in the past due to work, is going to quit her job. Since missing her original baptismal date she hasn't been able to meet with the missionaries much but now she will be having more time! We found out just yesterday and we have her scheduled for Tuesday!
3. A Less Active member that has been too busy to meet with us had a schedule change, and is now going to church, has a calling, and is scheduled to meet with us!
4. One of the less-active members that the Sisters were working with prior to the ward split didn't want to meet with us. But after some time and Heavenly Father softening her heart, she is now willing to meet!

5. We went less-active finding with a recent convert and it not only gave us the opportunity to go visit some less-actives that without someone there with us we couldn't have gone and visited, the recent convert texted us afterwards and thanked us for giving her the opportunity to do missionary work! Now she is more excited than ever before to continue to do missionary work!!

We have been seeing so many miracles! I can truly testify this is the Lord's work! I've been pondering a lot about how we can help bring Castle Peak Bay to the 'next level.' I've had a bunch of ideas but I wasn't quite sure how to put it all into words. Yesterday we had ward correlation meeting and after observing and listening to what was being said about missionary work, I've continued to ponder about how we can help to achieve that goal. Thoughts from talks President Hawks has given, as well as apostles and prophets have come to mind. The example using two pieces of wood together works perfectly for what we want to accomplish. (the analogy showed at stake conference a couple months ago) The missionaries and the ward have to share the responsibility for missionary work. Yes, we are full-time so we are going to have more time to be on the streets and doing other things, but I think that the ward members need to truly feel that they are missionaries as well. The overall missionary culture in the ward should be "how can we all help others Come unto Christ?" If every member truly felt responsible for the missionary success in the ward, missinoary work would progress even faster. I like how President Hawks said, a while ago, something to the effect of "if everyone truly is going to hear the gospel, we are going to have to start looking at missionary work a little bit differently". Missionaries purpose is to teach.  I'm so thankful for this ward. We have a very mission-oriented bishop and our ward mission leader is absolutely incredible! I'm very grateful I have the opportunity to work with them in developing this missionary attitude in the ward!

Til Next Week,
Love, Elder Cederlof

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