Monday, March 3, 2014

The "Businessman" haircut!

No letter to all today, just a picture.  Here's an excerpt from my letter:  I'll be playing ping pong today with another guy that is supposed to be really good haha. It's so funny because these people will have their paddle that they have in a case and 3 balls in a case... please... I don't need that... I use the paddles that the church already has!!  Check out the pics I'm sending you. In Hong Kong the allowed hairstyles are a little bit different. I think you'll be proud of me hahaha. In the US missionaries probably wouldn't be allowed to have the same hairstyle as me, but in HK totally fine. I shook Elder Holland's hand with it. Its because business men here will have the same style or even crazier so it's respectable. haha
 Love you!
 Love, Elder 施長louh

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