Monday, February 24, 2014

Ping Pong Champ

   This week has gone by really fast. First, yes I beat the Gwailou Larry 2nd counselor. Haha And we had some 98% humidity last week. Luckily it wasn't that hot, but you could feel the water in the air.  The mom and her two kids came to church and we met with them after and gave them a Book of Mormon. Right now they just have interest in learning about Christ’s story, but the more they learn the more they'll have the desire for the gospel. Adi got confirmed on Sunday. Our ward correlator did that and me and my companion were in the circle and also the Gwailou Larry 2nd counselor named Brother Chandler (he's from Salt Lake area) 

   We started a Friday movie night in Tsuen Wan. The 4 of us in our apartment watch Mormon messages in that little segment of free time we have. And everyone that reads this needs to look up one called "Enduring Love".  After watching that compare your relationship to theirs. It could be the relationship with your spouse, your family, or God. Now repent and set goals to improve your relationship.

    President Holland is in town and he spoke at the 65 year celebration of church work in Hong Kong. We got a text from President Hawks that said all missionaries were invited. We went with Adi and Ellorie because we wanted to take an RC and they didn't know how to get there. We traveled to the wan chai chapel and got there early enough to be sitting in the chapel that he spoke at. When he arrived he started shaking people's hands in the aisles. Ellorie was sitting on the end, then Adi, then me and elder Hartwig. He shook Ellorie, Adi and our hands. He asked us how we were doing.  I was soo happy for Ellorie and Adi because they wanted to go see him and wanted to shake his hand!! They were soo happy and the look on their faces was priceless!! They’re awesome!!  President Holland also has a special conference just with the missionaries on Tuesday.  Adi & Ellorie had a translator but his message was still powerful. This is the one and only dispensation in which we will not "flee from Babylon".   This is the one dispensation that is preparing the world for the 2nd coming. We need to start acting like it. One of the most terrifying verses of scripture is when it says that Christ comes and people say we cast out devils in your name and he says " I know ye not".  We can't just say we are LDS, we have to live it so that when HE comes, HE recognizes us. Elder Holland also said that he is more sure of Jesus Christ as our Savior than he knew that we were sitting here and he was standing there. Pretty powerful!

    The gospel is true. It's true whether you believe it or not, and it's our responsibility to share it. It’s not only an opportunity to share, it's a commandment. It's important. HK is sick!! I love it here! I love the people, and I love the gospel. Never been happier. My English is getting poorer but my Cantonese is improving, which is good.  Cantonese is cooler than English anyway. haha    Christ's walk on Calvary wasn't easy, so why do expect our walk to be easy?  
   Love, Elder Zach Cederlof 


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