Sunday, March 30, 2014

I feel like I just emailed all of you the other day. Nothing too crazy has happened since Wednesday. But definitely some good experiences. Gummy sandwiches may or may not have been part of 24's. Elder Kang (district leader) and I were companions this past Friday. It was a good day. We both got to learn and try some new things. We then together taught Tse Jimuih and her two kids. Definitely the highlight of the last couple days. I love them!  We shared about prophets and used a light and mirror analogy and then testified about Jesus and his baptism. Since they have started to pray together as a family there has definitely been a change in them. Tse Jimuih said that one of her sons said he wants to be a missionary when he is older! haha When they were going to A Hin's piano recital they were all super nervous and so they prayed and he did amazing! I love seeing the change in their lives.  After talking about baptism we invited them all to be baptized. Tse Jimuih said that for the moment she can’t because she has always believed Buddha and her husband is an avid believer (did I use avid correctly?)  But she said she wants to continue to learn more and she said her kids can. Both of her kids accepted. We are now excited for the challenge to give her husband the opportunity to hear the gospel. Once he comes they will all be able to come together. As for now we are going to continue to help them work towards baptism and feel the spirit and when the dad sees the change in his family he will want a part of it! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be able to see how much the gospel really changes people's lives. Now if only we could only notice how much it really changes us, we would be a lot more thankful and more obedient. Weekly challenge: spend some time thinking, pondering, and praying and find how just how much the gospel has changed you. That knowledge hopefully should then lead you to have the desire to share it!! You’re all awesome!!

Love, Elder Zach Cederlof HK

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