Monday, April 7, 2014

Tse Jimuih (Sister Tse) and her two kids have been progressing. We shared with them the restoration video and commited them to pray. During that movie they were all dead silent and the spirit was soo strong in there. I love being able to help them. We have a really good relationship with their family. They all really want to know if these things are true and they have committed to come to General Conference on Sunday. I can't wait for this upcoming weekend! That is when we will be able to see conference! Missionaries will watch it in English so we get the most possible out of it.  Some exciting news about Adi.  She and Ellorie went to a BYU Hawaii conference thing. Everyone in the ward is hoping that they'll go to BYU Hawaii because it is so hard to find an active member in Hong Kong!  It's obviously not final but a good start! So many of the members here have married nonmembers and it leads to inactivity or a lot of unneccesary challenges. There are the success stories where the non member decides to join the church but its still a lot easier to marry "in the covenant".

It has been raining a lot this past week. Pretty fun. One day we were out walking back from Sham Tseng soaked because we didn't bring umbrellas.  (The weather said chance of some scattered, but in HK that means its going to dump buckets of rain!)  When we tried to stop people they were just like oh sad... haha.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be serving and trying to come closer to our Savior everyday. Whether you're a missionary or not, everyday is a good day to come closer unto Christ. The first step is to Commit. Once you commit the rest will come!! Love you all!
 Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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