Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A picture is worth 1000 words so this email will be short. (due to time)  I love it here. It’s been hard leaving an area like Tsuen Wan because the members there were absolutely amazing. But the more I get to know these people, I realize that they are just as amazing. The member of our ward that is in the 70s came and he taught elder's quorum. It was an awesome lesson. He and his wife also spoke in sacrament meeting. 

Ahin and Ayuh (tse jimuih's kids) sent me a letter this week with notes and a little magnifying bead thingy that when I saw it ( a couple of months ago) I said it was cool. He remembered and sent it! They’re soo cute. In their letter they said they will continue to read, pray and go to church and that he wants to go on a mission too!

A happy attitude is a good attitude. We can't change a lot of things that affect us, whether they are good or bad. But we can always maintain a happy attitude or at least fake it til you make it. Even if you don't feel too happy you can fake it... that will then turn into legitly feeling happy!

Love you all!!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

The Elders in Zach's apt:  Elder Brown, Elder Allen , Elder Koochin (companion)


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