Sunday, April 13, 2014

 This week has been awesome! Tse Jimuih and her two kids came to General Conference! Both sessions on Sunday! We got them a bingo thing and a coloring thing and skittles for the bingo. I'm pretty sure they liked it! One cool thing about the gospel. When you serve people you really do grow a love for them. In the mission people will say if you hate your companions serve them. If you want to love the HK people more, serve them and so on.. totally true. The more we have been helping Tse Jimuih and her two kids Ahin and Ayuh come unto Christ the stronger our relationship has become! Tse jimuih is my chinese mom! Our relationship with their family has really grown. That's important in being able to help other people. If you honestly want to help someone else in anyway shape or form you need to first love them. That is also the most rewarding part! I have so many new friends here in Hong Kong be it missionaries, members, converts, less-actives, or investigators. Love is the center of all of it!

 LOVE you all!! (see what i did there)

 Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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