Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First birthday week in Hong Kong and I'm so grateful it isn't my last! It is weird to think how fast time has been flying. I don't like it but hey what can ya do. At this time in Hong Kong there is a huge test called the DSE. It’s huge. Like the kids in high school prepare their entire lives for this test. And it is several weeks long so we were unable to meet with a couple people this week that we were hoping to meet. But it’s okay. We called and talked with them. More exciting news... Tse Jimuih and her 2 boys have been continuing to come to church. When we first met Tse Jimuih (they are from mainland but southern province so Cantonese is first language) she didn't have much interest in the gospel because life was all good. But her kids wanted to learn. We have shared about the atonement and other ways the gospel blesses us and I think she has finally reached a point where she now has a desire to learn more about the gospel. She dressed up all nice for church (got a little teary eyed when I saw that btw) and her two kids were more reverent. Luckily they love me and elder Hartwig and last time we met we shared about scriptures, prayer, and church and used that cups and knives thing. The kids loved it and we committed them all to pray, read, and come to church together. The following Sunday was the time I just described to you. The gospel will change lives. I met a man last week that said he used to go to a Christian church but it didn't change him. The gospel that has been restored through a living prophet named Joseph Smith will change you, if you allow it. It's a two part process and a huge part of it is charity. If patience, loyalty, kindness, but no charity it meaneth nothing. (not an exact quote but it's in the bible somewhere)  The charity will lihngdou (lead) us to have the desire to help other people and their salvation. I love you all! Peace!

 Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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