Monday, December 2, 2013

Big Buddha!

Well not too much time, but this week we taught Ho Hingdaih. We also invited a member Wong Hingdaih to join us. It was awesome! Since Ho Hingdaih hasn't been to church for over 20 years we decided to just start with the basics - Lesson 1. We used a couple objects lessons and scriptures. Wong Hingdaih also helped out a bunch! He shared an awesome testimony! Ho Hingdaih was going to come to church but he had some people renovating his house so he couldn't. We are going to try to teach him about the plan of salvation at his house so hopefully his wife can come sit in on the discussion as well.
Thanksgiving was awesome!  We had Thanksgiving dinner with our zone and everyone told stories and it was fun. After that we went finding. Cantonese is coming along, I can understand a lot of things but I'm definitely not even close to bundeih.  I can feel the spirit helping out with the language a ton! There's no way I could learn the language this fast without the Spirit's help!
Today we went to Big Buddha! We took the glass cabin way. It's a gondola with a glass floor! Totally worth it! Awesome! Super fun! We invited a man named Howard.  He is a tour guide so he showed us a lot of things and he has a little interest in the church. He is super busy because it's high season in Hong Kong but now he knows we are normal, fun people so I think he'll be able to find some more  time! 
Tsuen Wan is a great place! There are so many people here that need to hear the gospel. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have to be "God's hand" as he extends it towards the people of Hong Kong.  Love you all!!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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