Monday, December 23, 2013

Blessings of the Christmas Season

This week has been pretty awesome!  In the pictures there is one that shows what we do when there is a ton of rain (it has been raining for quite a while but now it’s been good the last couple days). Another one is of two priests that came finding with us named Sparkle and A Jeung. Another one is with Elder Smith and his old companion before he left and Elder Smith joined our companionship. I don't remember the other ones but they're probably pretty cool. Oh - the one in the elevator. Every time I get into the elevator I remember that you guys want me to send pictures so that's why I, from now on, will probably always have one in there! ha-ha.   Oh and on one of the other ones is a card that Adi made me for Christmas!! She is pretty shy, but after church she said wait and gave me a card and a little present!  Then Ellorie her friend (as well as her fellowshiper) also gave us presents! They are awesome!! We taught them this past week. We wanted to talk about the nativity scene and so last p-day we looked everywhere for a nativity and we couldn't find a good one (we only found one for 300hk) and so we decided to build it. Oh that is one of the other pictures!  It looks really lame but it was awesome nonetheless and we totally surprised them! We had it set to the side and then we told them to close their eyes and we set it up and read the story and introduced all the characters and stuff. It was super fun and also super spiritual because it brought us all back to Christ and how we, like the wise men and shepherds, need to share His message. They were given the opportunity to see Christ and we are given the opportunity to be part of His Church, to have part of his image in us. That is why it is so important that we share this message with the world.
Edmund came to church with us and the whole time he had a smile on his face. I believe he has found exactly what his soul has been looking for for quite some time now. I called a potential on Saturday and invited him to church and he came and loved it. The members were great. They came and sat by him and Edmund and showed them around and introduced themselves, it was awesome!  Afterwards me and a member taught Edmund and Elder Smith and Elder Hartwig taught Tsang SS. They both had the feeling to invite him to be baptized and set a date so they did and he accepted! This week has truly been a miracle!! It has been amazing! I've seen so many blessings this Christmas season  and my companionship and I definitely cannot take any credit for it. It has been every missionary in Tsuen Wan for the past long time; the members praying, my family praying, random people praying for the missionaries, but most importantly God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  My trainer Tong Jeung Louh told me that when someone gets baptized you look back and realize that you weren't the one doing the work. Now no one yet has been baptized but I can already tell that that is definitely true. These people are so ready that even though they may not understand our message they feel the Holy Ghost. Edmund told me that while he was praying about the Book of Mormon he had a feeling of relief come over him. It's truly amazing what the gospel can do for people. I love this gospel and I love this work!! 
Stay Sweet,
Elder Zach Cederlof
 Zach's companion is in the orange
 This is what they do to combat the rain!

 The nativity scene they made for some investigators
 Sparkle and A Jeung (priests in the ward)
 Christmas card made by Adi (an investigator)

 The weekly "elevator" picture

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