Monday, December 9, 2013

Ok - sorry not a whole lot of time this week because I needed to send lots of pictures - which take FOR-EV-ER.  But this week we had a couple miracles. One day, it seemed like every other day- but it WASN'T! We were walking on the pier and started talking to a man and he was immediately interested and wanted to know more. We shared with him the first lesson and then we were going to teach him on Sunday but he had to work so we're teaching him next week! It was super awesome. We’ve been inviting everyone we meet to come to church and that also has been awesome! Ok real quick this is one thing our mission president gave us that everyone should do.
1.     Pray intently each morning

2.     Exercise the mental work necessary to really believe that whatever you asked for will happen and pray for the gift of faith to make it happen.
 3.    Repent of any sins, transgressions, or disobedience that may be impeding your work so as to warrant the blessings the Lord desires to bestow upon you.

4.     Pray for righteous desires
5.     By listening to the spirit, decide what you are willing and happy to sacrifice as an offering to the Lord to demonstrate your sincere desire.

6.     Pray for righteous desires.
7.     Work. Pray as if everything depends on the Lord and work as if everything depends on yourself.

8.     Optimistically set goals and truly believe that God will help you achieve those goals.
That’s it for the week! Sorry - out of time! Love you all!

 Elder Zach Cederlof


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