Monday, December 16, 2013

Okay - well this week has been pretty nice.. pretty nice.. (as my trainer would say)  I got a new companion. I miss my trainer because he and I are literally best friends!   My companion now was the other Tsuen Wan missionary.  Before our exchanges we were still in the same apartment and area so not a whole lot has changed except obviously we're together 24/7.  Elder Smith got a new comp but he is leaving on Thursday so we will all be a tri companionship from Thursday til Januaryish! That'll be fun!!
Main things for the week -  our lesson with Adi:  I was thinking about what we should teach Adi and I realized that she already has a testimony and knows all of the stuff is true. She just needs to realize it. We decided to bring a cup with dirt in it. a seed, a small plant, a bigger plant and two apples.  Obviously we read the scripture on faith is like a little seed! Quite simple but definitely an awesome lesson!! We asked her key questions along the way like "how was your testimony of the Book of Mormon when you first planted that seed?" Then, "how has it changed?" She told us that at first she didn't believe it but now she knows it is true!! And so we extended a baptismal date for February 9th and she accepted! Adi is soo awesome!! 
We also taught the guy that me and Elder Tong met on the pier.  Pretty cool cause one of our goals was to find a new investigator that would progress and it turns out he is the one! We taught him the first lesson! We also made sure to have a fellowshiper with us! Hucksley is his name! He just got off his mission in Washington state a couple of months ago (3 to be exact).  The lesson was awesome and my time is up!!  He also said he is willing to be baptized!! AWESOME!
Love you all!
Elder Cederlof

The door to their apartment

I told Zach I needed more pictures of just him - this is what I got - not quite what I had in mind!

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