Monday, June 16, 2014

This week we met with Dorothea again. Unfortunately she had to work so she couldn't come to church or the baptism wuih (what's the full name in English again?) We had an awesome lesson with her at Cheng wuih jeung's house! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she practically taught us about most of it! She definitely has a love for Christ and the opportunity the Gospel gives her to change. We invited her to be baptized again but she said she isn't sure if we have that authority yet. We talked about the Joseph Smith experience and the evidence of the Book of Mormon but she still hasn't quite connected the dots yet. She thinks that her old church might have it. She has accepted to pray specifically about the "authority" question, and I'm excited for the answer she will be receiving! Once she has this answer/comes to the knowledge, she says she will already be willing to keep our church commandments! We haven't taught her most of them yet, but at church she heard about the Word of Wisdom and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. I'm so grateful that I've had this opportunity to help her come closer to Christ and to learn and grown as well.

This definitely has been a week of miracles. Andy, someone we met a taught 2 days in a row about 3 weeks ago, has come back! He has been super busy this past while and hasn't been able to schedule. But we finally got him scheduled for last Saturday morning.  Chan Hingdaih taught along with us and he is committed to be baptized. We didn't set a date, it didn't feel the right time, but he then attended (brought his mom as well) the Ward Health activity that night. He also came to the Baptism wuih (still can't think of that English word) the next day as well as church. Andy is awesome! He has a great personality and is a very bubbly person! He loved meeting a bunch of new people at church and seeing the Baptism wuih.

We met with Gok jimuih this week (me and a member met her a couple weeks ago at a less active visit activity).  She is a less active members aunt. Last time we gave her the Book of Mormon with the invitation to read and this time we came to follow up. We reviewed how we should study the Book of Mormon in order to get stuff out of it (pray first, read, ponder, pray)  She is very busy but she is also very open. She is super nice and the Gospel will change her life, if she allows it.

Tony.... he was the person that tried to get me and Elder Koochin to take those conspiracy theory notes to the police/fbi. He called us on Saturday and asked what time church was. He called us twice on two different phones and at first I didn't know who it was, but then I recognized the voice. He came to church on Sunday for a little bit. He seemed normal. Our Ward Mission Leader said not to contact him because of the situation last time, but if he wants to come to church, let him and he (Brother Chan) will talk with him a little bit. 

We met a "wise man" on the street. He kept on talking about the wisdom of the world and trying to advise on what we should do with our lives. I felt really bad for the man because he is soo blinded by his "wisdom" that he can't even tell. He said that his wisdom makes him free. But it doesn't. Just like 2nd Nephi 9 tells us. If we are wise but hearken not to the council of God, it is foolishness. I pray that what we said left a little impact on his life and hopefully he'll take that and truly ponder it.

Elder Allen is leaving (as you know) and I'm very grateful for being able to room with him. For the last couple nights (probably about a week now) he gives me advice. He asks me what topic I want and then thinks about it throughout the day and at night we talk about it. It has definitely been a huge blessing!

In the scriptures Jesus talks about being the 'salt' of the world (Matthew). He then continues to say if the salt has lost it's flavor, it is good for what? To be trampled on.  God has given everyone special gifts or maybe even parts of their personality for a reason. If we lose our "flavor" we're then good for what? That is why every person is specifically called to a specific calling or place. God is just using the right amount of "flavors" to create the perfect soup (church)   I thought that was kinda cool when I read about it this morning.

The biggest lesson I learned this week is that the Lord will bless us. Sometimes it might not always be in the ways we want or expect. But he definitely always blesses us. When we look at it through our "grateful glasses" all is well. This is the Lord's work and he is by my side and has been and will continue to be there. I'm so grateful for this week's challenges and opportunities to stretch and learn, thus becoming more like our Savior!

Love, Elder Cederlof

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