Monday, June 23, 2014

It has definitely been a blessed week.  Through much pondering I have come across some principles that I feel have helped me and are continuing to help me. In the following sentence what is the definition of hard.  "What was the hardest part of your week?" When I think of that use of the word hard, I think of words like dislike or hate. When people ask me what is the hardest part of the week I think that they are asking what is the part you disliked the most.  When asked that question, I sat and thought about it for a minute. I honestly couldn't think of any part I disliked or hated. I love every aspect of missionary work. I've had to push myself more than I've ever pushed and work harder than I've ever worked. Do I ever feel tired? You betchya. Is it a lot of work? Most definitely. However, the blessings of the work are ever so abundant, and very visible. Have I had struggles, difficulties, challenges? Every single day I'm faced with those. The blessings far out weigh the "hard" parts. (This whole paragraph probably makes more sense in my head than it does on paper/email) I have come to LOVE hard work, and have found the prophecy fulfilled that says when we lose ourself, we find ourselves. The Savior's invitation to take upon His yoke is ever so real for me right now. The more that we point ourselves outwards, towards others, the more we can feel these scripture blessings in our lives. The mission is a challenge. There is no denying that. But when we accept the Savior's invitation, our burden is lightened. This principle of the gospel has very much affected me the past week.

A quote that is on display at a store we pass almost everyday reads: "Good Morning, This is God. I will handle all of your problems today."  The world wants a comfortable God. Someone who not only doesn't rock the boat, but a God that doesn't even rock the boat. (as shared by Jeffrey R. Holland)  God's purpose for us is to grow. This requires we struggle, this requires problems. The very thought that God is simply going to take away all of our problems is simply wrong. I'm thankful for the problems and trials we face because it is only through those very things that we can become our best selves. I'm thankful for what the gospel has taught me regarding this aspect. "To know God is a struggle" (The District). It is through our obedience that we come to know God. That is the only way.
We didn't have the opportunity to meet Dorothea this week due to work and a friend from Australia coming to visit. I got to talk to her on the phone and her desire is still strong. She wants to find a good time period to pray about the authority, because she hasn't had the time yet. I invited her to find that time this week in order to know. That is going to hold her back if she won't pray about it, but luckily she understands that and is willing to pray.

Andy went to the mainland but is back now so we can meet up with him again. I'm really excited for his progress and decision to follow the Savior. He has a very kind heart and I already consider him one of my best friends.

The blessings of the gospel truly cannot be numbered. The more time I'm here the more aware I feel of His blessings. The more aware I am of His blessings, the more I realize there is so much more that I don't understand yet, that I need to be thankful for! The Gospel is amazing!
Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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