Monday, September 30, 2013

MTC Rookie!

Well to answer your questions..I have no idea what the weather will be like but I'll be okay.  Next, I got the travel plans and I'll leave here at 3:30 a.m. and then fly out from Salt Lake at 7:30.  We get to L.A. around 9:20 a.m. and fly out from L.A. at 1:55 P.M. so I'll call home sometime around then. If you have any preferences about what time, send me a dear elder (p.s. we don't get dear elders on Saturday)   I think I have my visa cause they wouldn't have given us travel plans if I didn't.  I haven't got a phone card yet but some people were telling me about a $15 phone at Wal-Mart that is waay good for that so can you check that out and then send it to me by Wednesday so I know if I need to buy anything.  Also can you throw in some Reese's puffs in the package? haha They don't eat a lot of cereal in HK and that cereal is the best.   Also can you put a note in my room somewhere I'll see when I get home to go talk to the Chinese people at the bottom of the street. I don't want to forget.   
I've thought about some things over the past week to help prepare future missionaries.  One thing dad should have the bishop share is that instead of learning the lessons in chapter 3 of Preach my Gospel, learn how you can apply each section to someone's life.  The doctrine doesn't convert anyone, it's the way they can apply it to themselves.  As missionaries our purpose is to show people how the gospel can apply to their lives and help them with their problems.  
Well unfortunately I must still be an MTC rookie cause I left my journals back at the room, but Wednesday we hosted for the new missionaries!!  It was really cool to be on the other side of things!! Oh, and the investigators here are not real. They pretend to be someone they know really well that isn't a member or someone that they met on their missions and they do whatever the spirit prompts them. Chan Ji Miuh's baptism got moved to this week because she was sick so we couldn't teach her one of the days. Our lessons with Frank have been going really well. We talked about the pre-earth life and then Jesus Christ's atonement.  The Cantonese is coming along real well! But once I get to Hong Kong we'll see how good it "really" is hahaha.  I can definitely tell the Lord's hand is in that.  There is no doubt in my mind that I couldn't have learned what I know without the Lord. If the Lord wasn't part of this work I wouldn't be able to say half the stuff I can. I can feel His presence here everyday and I'm so thankful for that!! Next time I email you I'll be in Hong Kong and my emails will start getting a little more exciting!! 
 'Til Hong Kong,
 Elder Cederlof


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