Monday, September 23, 2013

Continuously Repent!

Well, first go onto and click on I’m a Mormon (Lindsey Sterling's picture is right above it) then scroll down and on the left side are two Asian sisters and they are in Hong Kong speaking Cantonese!! Watch it!! HK is SICK!!  
Well this week has gone by super fast and we had a lesson with Chan Ji Miuh and we decided to focus only on Jesus Christ and how he can heal people ‘cause her knee has been hurting her for a looong time. We showed her a little video on it and I got the prompting to ask her if she wanted a blessing. I told her that it would be according to her faith.  She accepted and we just prayed instead of the oil and laying on of hands and stuff but we were all crying by the end. We then asked if she wanted to be baptized and she sat there for a moment and just thought, then she started crying and said yes. She will be getting baptized Thursday if all goes well!  We also invited another man, Frank, to pray with us during our lesson to find out if the Book of Mormon is true and during his prayer he started tearing up and after his prayer, wiping tears from his eyes, I asked him how he felt and then explained that that feeling was the holy ghost.  What amazing experiences I’ve been able to have this week! The message for this week is continuously repent. We don’t just repent when we've done something wrong but when we could’ve done something better!!  Til next week!! Love you all!! 
Elder Cederlof


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