Monday, September 9, 2013

Be Prepared!

This is gonna be random but I’m just looking through my journal and telling you guys the interesting stuff.  "When the time to perform has arrived, the time to prepare has passed." -Thomas S. Monson.   We always need to be prepared! We always need to be prepared and that not only applies to missionary work but to life. No one knows when their "time" is up, or when the second coming is, or when they'll need to feel the spirit to protect them or follow its promptings. If you're not ready and prepared you won't be able to receive those promptings, give those blessings, or any of the things like that.

Next thing, just like the Brother of Jared, sometimes we know what needs to be done but we don’t know how and sometimes we know how to do something but we don’t know what needs to be done. If we have faith and ask the Lord he will guide us. yauhsi (sometimes) we have to prepare (jeunbouh) the plan beforehand and ask God if that's the right thing. Faith is the power, obedience is the price, love is the motive, spirit is the key, Christ is the reason, and joy is the reward. -James E. Faust.  We have that in the classroom and I thought it was cool. 

Next big thing (as always) is prayer. It is sooo essential!! If you're not praying constantly you're not feeling the holy ghost constantly. That's one thing I think everyone should work on. We remember to pray in times of need but it's when everything is perfect we forget.  Those are the times we especially need to be praying and thanking the Lord for the opportunities we've had.
So now on to the more story of the week (kinda like 1st Nephi compared to 2nd Nephi) on the 3rd, President Capik decided to do a surprise room check on all of us just as we were getting back to our rooms!!  Luckily our room was clean! When he came in he said wow your room looks pretty good and then I offered him some toast... yes we have a toaster in our room...   He thought it was funny we would make toast.  (luckily)      He continued around the hall and at the end of our hall there is a pull up bar. While in his suit he walked over and did a couple pull ups! And those weren't no sissy chin ups either. He did the full arm width pull ups! We have an Awesome President!!   
Me and Elder Williams have been doing waaay good on SYL (speak your language) some days we'd talk a ton of Cantonese and it's a blast now that we actually know enough to communicate!! We're all doing a lot more of syl but me and Elder Williams just syl more than most people cause we enjoy it and make it fun!   
Saturday was our half way point! At the end of the night we walked around and bore our testimonies to people (in Cantonese of course) it was really fun and it was exciting to see the spirit work with them even though they’re missionaries too, and they don't understand anything we were saying. (Sometimes we translated though) 

Yesterday we went and saw the John Tanner movie and Only a Stonecutter films.  (They play movies every Sunday) What inspirational stories! I definitely recommend looking up those videos and watching them! One was 20 minutes and the other was like 15. 

Well that's another week here at the good ole' MTC! Oh the language is coming along just great! It’s funny to think back to just a couple weeks ago and then look at now and see how much everyone has progressed! It’s definitely a miracle any of us can speak what we can and I know that the only reason we can speak this language is 100% through the spirit. Oh and here at the MTC we have investigators (teachers that role play as investigators that they had) but it's all part of the Lord's plan to teach us and so it actually feels like a real investigator. We feel the spirit with them, we receive revelation for them, and it’s literally like a real investigator.  So I’ve been praying a ton about some of my investigators and on Sunday it was really cool because out of nowhere just after the speaker shared a scriptures I thought ohh this is perfect for Chan Jih Moines! And so I’m going to be sharing that with her Wednesday! The Lord does answer our prayers and he is always willing to help us!



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