Monday, October 6, 2014

This week we have seen some great miracles happen! The biggest one would definitely have to have been on while on exchanges with my M.T.C. companion Elder Cordon!  As we were going to go to a drinking fountain we ran into a man named Kalok. He is mid 30's and said he has been really sad recently. He hasn't seen his mom for several months. We talked about prayer and how much God truly does want to bless us. He listened intently and at the end of the lesson he was willing to say a prayer and ask to see his mom again. We scheduled him for the next day. The next day came around and he was soo happy. We asked how his day had been and he said that his mom, out of nowhere, decided to come find him! They went to lunch together and he invited her to meet us as well and so we waited for her and talked with her as well. She is pretty into Buddhism and she doesn't have a lot of interest but I believe that as she sees the change the gospel brings to her son's life she will have interest. We were able to meet with Kaluk several times this week. His faith in Christ has been growing a lot! He has already started to pick up how the Holy Ghost feels. He said that when we talked with him, and when he came to church he could just feel a really warm feeling, he said he couldn't really describe it. I'm so grateful that we were able to run into him and help him progress and come unto Christ!

Another miracle was with Tam SS. We met him last week as we were walking by the park (where the drinking fountain is) We just started a friendly conversation and went from there. He has been a Christian for about 3 years. He is 65 and was going to do some exercise. As we talked about our message to the world he responded very well. We could definitely tell that he had more interest. After our discussion we scheduled him for this week. When we met with him the second time he started out by saying "Elder Cederlof, I talked to my preacher. I need to reject you." He continued to say things like that and apologize. I said don't worry about it but can we still sit down and talk. As we talked, we discussed the things that he believed. As we know, the things he said highlighted gospel principles of which we could then bear testimony and teach. We shared the Message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. At the beginning of lesson he was saying he had to reject us, at the end of the lesson he was holding a Book of Mormon and asked us when we would meet again. It never ceases to amaze me how much the Spirit will work on people. All we have to do is to make sure we are worthy vessels of that Spirit.

I love seeing "The Work" move forward. It has, and will continue to change and bless so many people's lives. Throughout the week we also had opportunities to learn how to keep the work progressing forward. Through exchanges and Zone training I was able to learn and grow. The Gospel is true and as people follow that invitation to read the Book of Mormon, ponder upon its teachings and Come unto Christ, they too can know of its truthfulness.

Til Next Week,
Love, Elder Cederlof

Our Destination
Overlooking Tuen Muen

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