Monday, October 13, 2014

Conference weekend was awesome as ever! The only part I didn't like was how fast it flew by! I remember when I was little I thought that only watching 4 hours on Sunday was long, but now, I feel like the entire 10 hours is too short! It is interesting to me to look at what the overall message was for each individual session, day, and as a whole. Sunday morning with the first 3 or 4 talks on Prophets/revelation. All of those speakers were definitely inspired. I love hearing each speaker develop the concept or idea of their talk. All of the different teaching skills used by each individual person are awesome! My favorite theme of conference was the exhortation to act. Give the Gospel priority and don't let ANYTHING get in your way. Some examples listed were that of personal scripture study, family study, family home evening, and so on. It definitely helps give me that motivation to stick to my future goals of always having family home evening and other things in my life. It also strengthened my testimony towards those individual principles, which at first may seem like not a big deal, but truly make the difference in the long run. It's been promised again and again by church leaders that if we give the gospel priority, the rest will work out. Definitely an important lesson. I think that is a very important concept that investigators learn to understand and gain faith in. If they are truly willing to do whatever God asks, either through scriptures, modern prophets, or invitations through the missionaries, they won't have to worry about anything else. The principle also of course applies to me as well. If I am exactly obedient and do everything the Lord asks of me, I literally won't have to worry about anything else, the Lord will provide.

Tam SS also had the opportunity to come out to General Conference for the Saturday morning session. He really liked it! Tam SS is progressing very well and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be learning with him. He has a strong desire to come unto the Savior even more in his life. He has already seen how much the Savior has blessed him and I truly think that he has the hope necessary in order to more fully come unto Him through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we meet with him he is always so happy to learn more about the Gospel and it just seems to make sense to him. He is definitely developing a closer relationship with Him as he is learning to recognize the promptings of the Spirit.

With one of our Zone actions being to pass out 65 Book of Mormon's in each District, the Tuen Muen Elders and us decided to go on a Book of Mormon Give Out time. We set up the Book of Mormon banner and brought a box of Book of Mormons. As we were walking over holding a box with 21 Book of Mormons I was curious to see how long it would take to pass them all out. God works wonders and we handed them all out in no time and the other elders ran to their apartment to grab more. As we were there, there were people walking over to us and asking for a Book of Mormon! That experience taught me how many people there really are that want to read the Book of Mormon, but haven't had the opportunity to get a copy into their hands.

This week during finding I turned a full day over to Elder Black. I want to push him in order for him to grow. He is an awesome missionary and was more than willing that day to take the lead in finding! His confidence towards himself was higher at the end of that day and I will continue to give him more opportunities to speak more and step more and more out of his comfort zone in the language. He also gave out a Book of Mormon to a lady that later when we called her, accepted the invitation to come to church and bring her daughter as well!!

In preparation for this conference I have been reading through the last session's Liahona with all of the talks. I love being able to read and re-read all of those precious talks! The magazine form of conference is such a useful tool in not only reviewing, but learning new things! I am super excited to get next month's issue so that I can study from it and really get as much as I can out of the talks.

 Til next week!
 Love, Elder Cederlof

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