Monday, September 15, 2014

Last week was quite an exciting week! With all of the activities going on I was feeling "thirsty" for finding. However, all of the activities definitely had their uses. The Hong Kong wide activity day was a fantastic way for members, less actives, investigators, and missionaries to bond. It was also a good opportunity to see past investigators and converts to see how they are doing and to continue to support them.
The Monday meeting in Wan Chai definitely was a special opportunity to go and "actively" listen. (As Sis. Wong would say) I love seeing, and meeting leaders of the church. (It’s best when you don't meet them in the bathroom) It was a good opportunity to strengthen my testimony and to ponder about things that they taught.

Thursday Temple Day was amazing as ever! It was Elder Black's first time going to the Hong Kong Temple and I’m glad I was there to experience it with him. Going to the temple always just gives me an extra-boost on life and helps me keep going. I'm so grateful we have the opportunity to go there every single transfer! Definitely a HUGE blessing!

We went and visited some less active members this week! What a special opportunity! The first lady we went and visited is an elderly lady with cancer. Her cancer limits her from coming to church; we also found out that our ward takes her the sacrament every week. (Our ward mission leader says she counts as less-active but I think we need to double check on that) Besides her, no one in her family is a member. When we visited we shared from 2 Nephi 4 and talked about how God is always there with us. She shared a powerful testimony as well. Her faith is really strong. Due to her cancer, she has to go to the hospital three times a week. Nonetheless she continues to try to read the Book of Mormon and pray. She is an amazing example of enduring to the end and trusting in the Lord. We also talked about visiting with her husband as well and sharing the blessing with him. We challenged her to share her experience with gospel, with him. It was a very spiritual experience being in her home.
The second person we visited was someone that the Kwai Chung Elders had called off of their list and he said he lived in Tuen Muen so they gave us the information and we called and scheduled him. He was pretty excited to meet with us and I see a bright future for him back in the church! We shared out of the Book of Mormon and then talked about Gospel Principles to try to see how much he remembers. He still remembers quite a bit. I'm very grateful for that opportunity to be able to meet with him!

Serving in Tuen Muen we ran into someone I think you've heard of before. John Atkinson. I remember Elder Townsend talking about him but I didn't know what he looked like and just before meeting up with someone we scheduled we passed him and he turned and started talking to us. Apparently in the past, he has had some more heated remarks but to everything he said we just shared our testimony with him about how we know it is true. The power in a testimony is powerful. Once he figured out we actually had a strong testimony in the things we teach he stopped trying to 'teach us.' 2 Nephi 9 teaches us that unless our knowledge doesn't do us any good if we don't listen to God and His teachings. I could see how much that is true and how important that principle is. If we don't hearken to Him, our wisdom is foolishness.

I love being in Tuen Muen and being able to work with the members and ward leaders; and I love training!

‘til Next Week,

Elder Zach Cederlof

Hong Kong Sports Day (with Addi - 1st baptism)

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