Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Every week is a good learning experience out here in Tuen Muen! This week I had several fantastic learning/confirming experiences. Training is still going great! Elder Black is picking up things really fast and is willing to learn even if he doesn't 100% understand why we need to do things the way we do. We can talk about it and discuss it and understand more about it. He has a lot of good insights and things and I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to be working with him!

This week we met again with Wong HD. We shared about missionary work and help set goals with him. He is a less-active that moved from Kwai Chung to Tuen Muen 6 months or so ago. He is really excited to meet with us and he still remembers quite a bit about the lessons and such. He is continuing to move forward at a good pace and committed last time that he would read the Book of Mormon every day, as well as pray. We will be following up with that this Tuesday.

We ran into a lady we met several weeks ago named Wam SJ. When we first met her she asked us what the difference between our church and other churches. We explained the difference and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. However, because she had just got her purse stolen a day or so before so she didn't have a phone. Upon hearing that we were a little disheartened but remained hopeful that if she is prepared we would run into her again. We ran into her again! But she said she was busy and just walked off. To our surprise, after a lesson fell through we went finding in the church area and ran into her a 3rd time! She said she had time and we gave her a tour of the church and shared about baptism! She definitely has been prepared by the Lord. When we were teaching about baptism and sacrament she said it just made her feel so warm and happy. It is amazing that she can already feel those promptings of the Spirit! She has said that due to her background, a part of her brain believes in Chinese gods, while the major part believes in Jesus Christ. Before we even invited her to be baptized she asked if we could give her a month to read and learn more so that she could fully commit herself to Jesus Christ! We will be meeting her again tonight!

As we all know, using all of our resources is very important. We learned that very well this week. One day Elder Black and I were finding and Elder Black had the prompting to go to a certain area. Almost immediately after his prompting, I had the feeling we should give out some English Class Fliers. A couple minutes later we ran into a group of moms and their kids who upon seeing us didn't look to happy. However, after telling them about English class they were all more than happy to talk. Not only did we have that group talk to us, but other moms (kids were just getting out of school) saw it and came over and asked what everyone was talking about and then we were able to invite them as well! The Lord has given us all of these resources to help others come unto Christ. In the right time and the right place they can be very effective in softening people's hearts and preparing them for the message of the Gospel.

Memorizing Moroni 10:3-5 in Cantonese definitely paid off this week! Normally on the street finding, we share the 2nd to last paragraph in the introduction of the Book of Mormon. When I ask people to read it they're usually fine reading. This past week however, we ran into an older lady and her 25ish year old son walking. Upon our meeting they ignored us but after a little persistence they were willing to stop and talk. We shared about the Restoration of the gospel and our invitation to the world. As I was opening to the introduction I had the distinct feeling to use Moroni 10:3-5 instead. I invited them to help me read it. (turns out the mom previously served a mission for another church) They both declined to help me read it and would only listen to me read it.  I was able to recite Moroni 10:3-5 and testify of its truthfulness. 

 ‘Til next week!
 Love, Elder Cederlof

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