Monday, November 11, 2013


Since the last email was only a couple days ago there won't be as much stuff as usual but it's still been pretty good!! Language is coming.  Just trying to get my sikteng up but every missionary is working on that! Just about everyone I talk to can understand me  so its definitely improving every week. Oh and random side note.  We were at fuk loa and I saw a mom and her daughter walking (daughter was like 10 or 11)  so I went and started talking to her while she was walking and the mom totally ignored me but the little girl was like "you speak cantonese" (this whole conversation was in cantonese) and I said "ya a little bit" haha and she's like "wow" and she was just super happy and nice and then I said "ok well see ya later" and she said "bye see you later" in English. It was the cutest thing! hahaha Now if only everyone I talked to wanted to talk to me that bad!! That's the plus to being white here because no matter where I go people are like what - there's a white kid speakin cantonese so they turn their heads! So they at least get to see the badge and maybe hear the church's name even if they won't stop and talk.  
   We taught Adi and at first we just answered some questions she had about the bible and then I gave a little lesson on the basic points of the gospel:  temple, home, satan, atonement, faith, and love using a piece of paper. Remind me in a couple to show you. it's actually super cool. 
  Ho Hingdaih came to church again and we are going to meet with him Friday. The rest of his family are not members (wife and 3 kids) so we are hoping and praying that we will have the opportunity to bring his whole family to church!  That would be Awesome!! 
  We didn't get to teach Vickie or Chiu or any of our other potentials cause they are out of town or busy but we should be able to this week!! The work has been moving forward and I'm excited to be a part of it here in Hong Kong! All of the hard work, dilligence, obedience, love, and long suffering will all pay off!! It's exciting to see the growth in the church throughout the world.
   Other random things: we had KFC for lunch today. haha It was pretty good but they still have an asian touch. You get like a bowl of rice and soup stuff with the meal. So far no sicknesses or anything weird like that.
    Oh, we had zone training and me and elder Tong taught about "how to begin teaching" in PMG. Me and my companion still get along super well!! We're hoping we get to stay here in Tsuen Wan together another move, but since we get along so well we're bound to get split since the only companionships that stay together for two moves are the ones that have probs.  Everyone in the apartment is awesome! Elder smith went to Viewmont a year ahead of me, not sure if I told you that already.
 Well that's about it for the week!! Love you All!!
 Love, Elder Cederlof

                                                             Zach at KFC
                                  View from his apartment window in Tsuen Wan

                                                        Hong Kong Temple

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