Sunday, November 17, 2013

Before I forget, I met Sister Smith! She is Kristin Page's friend that Sis Page told me to look for!  We had a dual zone conference in Kowloon Tong and they said her name because her birthday is coming up so I went and talked to her after the meeting and found out that she was the Sister Smith from Bountiful!!  Small world!! 

Well this week is kind of all a big blur. Vickie texted us and said that she doesn't want to meet with us anymore because she has her own church.  All I could do was bear my testimony and tell her that if she ever wants to learn more she can call us. We did find a couple solid contacts this week and we were going to teach Ho Hingdaih but he cancelled because he was in the hospital for a couple tests but he is okay.  We set up another appointment and hopefully we'll also be able to teach his family!!  
The language is still a work in progress. We had pass offs which is just a little language thing the President just started, and every missionary has to do it. Once a week we go to the zone leaders and pass of certain language/teaching things. That is cool because I passed it! haha  My Cantonese is still total laahpsaap  but it’s okay!  With diligence it will come!!

Cool story for the week. On Friday while we were on exchanges (or Saturday not sure) I talked to this random guy smoking.  He didn't seem too interested, but while we were talking a lady came over (might have known him cause their stuff was by each other) and she started saying how we weren't Christians we were Mormons.  So I just made sure to remember who I was representing and showed her our tags, the Book of Mormon and the picture inside the Book of Mormon of Christ.  She continued to say stuff but then the guy pointed out the Book of Mormon thing and I said our message is to invite people to find out for themselves and he asked where he could find out more. So we swapped numbers and it turns out he is from mainland so hopefully we'll be able to get that situation sorted out!  But the spirit in that moment was soo strong even though the lady was saying all sorts of things right next to us. I could definitely feel the spirit testifying!!
Love you all!

Love, Elder Cederlof

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