Monday, October 28, 2013

Finding, Finding, Finding!

Ok - for the week not a whole lot of crazy stuff.  Adi is still progressing very well. She is totally ready to get baptized but wants to wait for her birthday in February.  Her parents don't fully approve, but if she finds a good job they'll be okay with it. (She’s 24 but still wants her parents approval, which is good because family is hou juhngyiu)  We also had companion splits which was super weird!  I was with an elder from Malaysia. He’s soo funny and super cool so we had a good time and passed out a lot of fliers and gave a lesson to a girl we met on the pier. He stopped her and introduced himself and then I talked a little about the Book of Mormon.  She immediately grabbed the book and started looking at it and she asked if we could go sit down.  We did and basically shared the whole first lesson. She goes to a catholic school and she seems to have a ton of interest!  We have another lesson with her on Wednesday!   That night we also met a 19 year old guy that I think wanted to talk to us cause I’m American, but hey if that stops him that’s okay.  We spoke English because he went to a boarding school in London and we talked about why we missionaries do what we do and he thought that was way cool and he talked about how he'd been looking around for a church so we got his number and are going to call him this week. He leaves for Britain in a week or two so hopefully we'll catch him before that then send his info over.

Yesterday was the first Sunday I went to the actual ward 3 block session because we had general conference then stake conference.  I got a lot of the messages they spoke... well for what I could understand.  They had me go bear my testimony in sacrament since I was new. I was soo nervous but when I got up there it just flew. I was totally calm and I couldn't really think clearly but I didn’t have to - the words just came. It was pretty neat. After church they gave us a ton of food and then we went back, did our studies and then went to a YSA activity. They fed us dinner and then we gave the lesson. The RS president only asked us at church but luckily we had a fair amount of time to prepare.  My trainer had me give most of the lesson for practice so that was really neat.  Because my language isn't perfect or even close, and because of all the tones, everyone had to listen very carefully. haha  You could probably hear a pin drop. Luckily I think they understood the gist of it.  It was really cool!  Anyways, besides that we do a lot of finding. Finding, finding, finding.  Tsuen wan is known for finding, so that's what we've been doing. There is soo much potential here so that's what me and my companion are trying to do. Get the word out to as many people as possible. Bring everyone unto Christ. 

Well I totally failed today.. forgot the camera... again... maybe next time. I promise I took some pictures. I even took a picture of the dragon fruit I ate this morning! 

Til Next Week,

 Love, Elder Zach Cederlof

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