Monday, October 21, 2013

Diligence is the key!

Well,  this week has been really good!  We taught a couple of lessons and we have one investigator that is totally ready for baptism. We also taught a man named Chiusingsang and he is probably the classiest 65 year old man I’ve ever seen! He said he would meet with us again and he said he is going to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and he said God better provide. I know God will give him an answer if he truly wants one. I think the hardest thing for me is seeing people that need the gospel (everyone in Hong Kong) and they just won't accept it! It’s definitely tough!  

The language is coming along better each and every day! Diligence is definitely the key - the key to learning a language and preparing for life. Sorry, it's hard to think of what to type because we aren't near our apartment so I don't have my journal. But today we have a meeting in Kowloon Tong (where the mission home and temple are). I'll get to see all the people from the MTC.  If you want to see my area look up on google - Tsuen Wan, and we live a couple of cities over from Tsuen Wan. Nina tower is right in the middle of our area and at night there are lights on it and it's soo amazing!!  I'm starting to get more used to Hong Kong. The food is soo good! But yes I do plan on eating a lot of peanut butter and jam sandwiches cause those are still the best food. My companion is awesome! He teaches me soo much stuff and his language is obviously really good so he's been helping me with my tones and words.

One day this past week we were walking on the pier and I got a prompting to go talk to a lady.  I just asked how she was doing and she said good and she asked what my tag said (she was older so it was harder for her to read).  I told her and she asked where our church was so I gave her a leaflet that has the churches listed on the back. But on the leaflet it also says families can be together forever and she read that and asked me to make sure that that is what it said. I told her that through the gospel we could have eternal families and she started crying and told me about how much she wants to see her mom. She had me sit down next to her on the bench and my companion and I taught her about the gospel, and the Book of Mormon and prayer and how she can know for herself that these things are true. I could definitely tell she could feel the spirit pretty hard core and she continued to tear up. We exchanged numbers and continued on our way. Unfortunately she gave me a wrong number, whether on purpose or accident I’m not sure. But when I called, the lady that answered had no recollection of missionaries or anything. Luckily she has our number so she can call us! Well that's about it for the week! If you have any questions just feel free to ask!  I’m not sure if I can send pictures from the computer I’m on, but I’ll try.

Til, next week!

Love Elder Cederlof

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